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  • Hi,

    Im reading Udayar by Balakumaran now.I have some confusion.
    1. In that, it mentioned that Rajendra cholan is son of Ulagahamahadevi and in that one dialog is like that she asked to Panchavanmadevi(RRC's another wife) "do not kill my son" like that.What about vanathi?
    Ulagamahadevi is living for long time.I thinkVanathi died after 3 years getting married to RRC.In real history whose son is Rajendra Cholan?

    2.Whether Utama Cholan(sembian madevi's son) had son?if there is means,then again is there any confusion or fight for the throne.(whether RRC or Utama's son get throne)

  • It is not researched and written to the extent of Kalki's PS.

    Pls check our archives for views of others.

  • Hi
    I stopped reading Udayar too midway of 2nd part. All 6 volumes lying idle now.

  • I think that the REAL history is getting scattered and
    eroded because of so many stories & legends which get
    developed over them...

    The best thing to get answers/clarification for the
    doubts are to refer some good tamil history books (if
    there exist any, which speaks the truth).... or to
    speak to historians.
  • I strongly believe that there is no such thing as "Real History"; it is
    one version of what happened and not necessarily the right one. Even for
    current events, i.e. events we are intensely watching, one can easily
    write several versions of truth.

    e.g. Supreme sacrifice of Sonia Gandhi refusing PMship.

  • Yesterday I read a news article and this mails subject line reminded
    me of that.

    Most of you must be knowing, but I was thrilled to know that India's
    long range radar is named as 'Rajendra'. Most probably APJ should have
    been behind this, because this was launched in 90's I suppose.

    The news item was related to anti ballistic missile technology for
    which India developed a high range radar with Israli cooperation.
    Before this 'Rajendra' was the high range radar India possessed.

    So RJC is getting due recognition? Or is there any o ther Rajendra in
    Indian history? And why not Rajaraja and why Rajendra? Any thoughts?
    Is it because Rajendra had a longer reach than RRC?
  • Hi we have already discussed how some of the best planes of air india
    were named after kings and places. tamil kings got more than their
    share.'even the prime ministers flight.
    similarly with naval stations.

    our kings may not occupy too many pages in history books but they
    certainly are remembered.

    venketesh--- In ponniyinselvan@yahoogroups.com,
  • Hi All,

    Here I have doubt!

    Is this named after Rajendra Chozhan or is it names
    after Dr. Rajendra Prasad or is it just a random name?

    If it was after Rajendra Chozha then, definitely there
    has to be a recognization for his father the great
    Rajaraja Chozhan, but this is not the case. Hence
    thats why I have raised my doubt.



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