Love and sacrifice
  • Love is about sacrifice.

    True love prompts sacrifices, if there were a sacrifice counter I
    think Mandakini would top the chart :-)
    Manimekalai would come a close second along with Kundavai.
    Why I feel kundavai as a close pair with manimekalai was it is easy
    express love when the love for both is evident and known, at that
    it takes a greater strength to sacrifice or control the emotion for
    greater good.
    Kundavai did that to a very great extent in helping the cause of the
    empire. No doubt tht Raja Rajan would not have been so successful
    without his lieutenant.

    Nandini's love is very confusing, atleast for me... Everytime I read
    I feel she truely loved some one - infact once I got an impression
    she even loved the old general:-)

    Another love (if not to be stated as just couple) to be considered, I
    would put Sembian Maa Devi's name into the loop just because of the
    sacricfices she gave in to.

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