Mayan civilization
  • I visited the Chichen Itza in Mexico earlier this week, the temples
    and its construction was absolutely brilliant, felt for sometime that
    I was standing in sarabeswarar temple at Tanjore instead of Chichen.

    The construction and the rise of their rule (mayan) was in 600 AD to
    1200 AD, which is pretty much the same time of our rise of II gen Chozas.

    Though not highly developed in literature and art, their carvings and
    construction is simply superb. Instead of a king, they were ruled by a
    high priest called Kukulcan and here is the deal...he was seated on a
    throne of Jaguar (their prime symbol is the Jaguar).

    Their acoustics in temples was brilliant.

    Their religious grouping was based on simple principles, our guide was
    a mexican christian who felt it was ridiculous that the Mayan thought
    Rain was God and Sun was God etc...

    The evident truth was, not much literature of Mayan, a religion
    without a spiritual base and not much technical superiority compared
    to Chola dynasty, however, their construction was similar to our
    architecture. No one knows the answer to how the construction was
    done, but they do have explanation on WHY the construction was done.
    Mayan - the name is however very indian and itza was the community of
    Mayans who built the temple, it means Magician in ancient mayan
    language. End of day, all very mysterious and I was wondering with the
    naval strengths of our guys, mexico is not far away from South asia
    via Japan.

    Anyway, it was an interesting visit and I thought some of our friends
    here may have some insight to a comparison to the civilization.

    incase anyone wants to read more on them wiki has a good write up.

    forward to visit these ..

    Pls bring all the details (photos / Vedios ) without fail while
    visiting Chennai..

    Serialise and write more for all of us..

    anbudan / sps
  • Another point I forgot to mention was the sculpture on the walls.
    There is a certain game, of pushing a ball through a hoop (symbolic of
    the cycle of the sun), if the team (comprising of the strongest of
    army men) cannot do so, their lead is beheaded. This is according to
    the guide / western archeologists.

    Here is the deal, a few weeks ago, we had discussed about some
    sculptures of kumbakonam where arms were chopped off etc, now these
    mayan carvings were exactly similar.

    People looking at the person whose head was cut were in a mode of
    praying and respect and the person whose head was cut had 7 streams of
    blood gushing out (potraying 7 layers of worlds above earth -
    something I co-related to be 7 astral planes) and 5 streams of blood
    flowing from the cut head (held by the high priest) fertilizing the
    soil and answering to the 5 worlds below earth.
    It was an interesting sculpture, when i started to correlate about our
    own carvings. How we view it differently than considering the act as

    There are more to the Mayan's, for ex: Sun God is the God of Energy,
    Moon is for fertility, Eagle for sight - dhoora dristi, Jaguar as a
    God of Power etc.
    Pretty much similar to Surya, Chandra, Garuda etc.

    Personally, I believe some mayan's moved down to more lands and mixed
    with Inca tribe to build maachu pichu (my next travelogue in summer,
    hopefully :-) ).

    My respect for the mayans is that they lived with Nature and believed
    Nature as the prime God. The first thing the spaniard christian
    crusaders did was to attack and burn down their temples and whatever
    little literature they have with it.

    Here is a curious note: A segment of native mayans who live, even
    today, in central mexico, believe the cycle of earth is to complete in
    2012 and the world order is to change then. For some reason, I have a
    feeling they may be right to some extent, considering the global
    challenges we have.
  • dear ravi

    heard this from a friend, maybe you know of this kind of ettiquette
    for travel in careful with the word chola/cholo or
    cholita, meaning indígena. This may be used affectionately among
    indigenous people (it'a very common appellation for a child, for
    instance) but is offensive coming from an outsider.
  • Thank you Ravi.

    Very much interesting.

    best regards/ sps
  • Its really very interesting. Some of the points i would like to note are:

    1. Prior to islam and christianity, almost all people of this planet
    were nature worshippers. Europe was full of tribes, with indigneous
    culture, worshipping nature. Today, there are around 20 million
    paganist & pantheist in europe, who are in search of their ancient
    roots through various literatures (particularly german literature),
    and trying to rebuild their culture. One such is the fire worship
    that one of the german tribes are following.

    2. I remember reading one of the sankarachariyar, saying, California
    was nothing but "Kalaprayan" (i dont know the real name).. ie, in our
    ancient purana, one of the boar (or pig) dig the earth and reached out
    of the other end. and if see the geographical position, california
    was exactly the other end of india.

    3. 2012 was going to be most important year for the whole world. In
    Hindu prophetism, it was accorded as the year of destruction and havoc.
    Similarly, many of astrologers predicted, america is going to perish,
    if headed by a woman.. and now hilary is certain to be elected in
    2008, can there be any relation b/w events.
    Personally, i believe, nothing happens isolated in this world...
    rather every event is a chain to some previous events.
    In that angle, considering all these, 2012 is going to be auspicious.

    Also, its told that Hinduism will resurge, showing light to the whole
    With emergence of Modi, and resurgence of saffron wave, it seems to
    come true.

    My prediction is that there will be heavy fight b/w muslims &
    Christians, and western nations will attempt to destroy the muslim
    India may not join them, and may rather protect our muslim people from
    such world wide backslash. Having the centre of islam destructed, our
    muslim people will gradually merge with the mainstream thus closing
    the cycle of history and embracing their common ancestry with Hindus.
    (today, many of the muslims are well aware of the brahmin roots, and
    personally & secretly preserving it. The same with case of malaysian
    and indonesian leaders, secretly preserving their pre-islamic traditions)
  • You have a great imagination, Senthil...
  • Dear Madan
    I think his dialogue needs to be reversed with the base consideration
    ...if and only if... Hillary revisits her home prior to a decade. Lets
    revisit this conversation in that extreme event .
    Boar digging is a metaphor, it must have meant the underworld / base
    of universe. Adiyum mudiyum ariya thathuvam should not be compared to
    CA vs TN debate.
    The Almighty Sri Bhuvaraha murthy lifting earth from under the ocean
    is also symbolic of lifting dharma over samsara saagaram as one theory.
  • Thanks for that Vijay. However, I would like to have from Senthil at least
    the following so that I can go through the facts myself.

    1. Sankarachariyar's book where he quotes kalaprayan

    2. 2012 - where in hindu 'prophetism' is 2012 marked as the year of
    destruction and death

    3. Who and why is it predicted that a women ruling USA would bring havoc

    4. On what basis are the statements 'muslims and christians will fight' and
    'christians will try to destroy the muslim world' based on?

    If not for myself, I would at least like Senthil to question himself on
    these aspects - if he is really interested.
  • Sorry, I meant thanks to Ravi.
  • > 1. Sankarachariyar's book where he quotes kalaprayan

    Hi just a geographical question?

    arent water and land usually positioned on either side of the globe.
    I have always heard that land on one side will have a sea on the

    can some one check the longtitudes of california and india?

    or let us know what is exactly on the other side of india?

    > 2. 2012 - where in hindu 'prophetism' is 2012 marked as the year of
    > destruction and death
    > 3. Who and why is it predicted that a women ruling USA would bring
    > 4. On what basis are the statements 'muslims and christians will
    fight' and
    > 'christians will try to destroy the muslim world' based on?
    > If not for myself, I would at least like Senthil to question
    himself on
    > these aspects - if he is really interested.
    > Regards,
    > Madan.
  • Hi Senthil,

    It was like reading a synopsis of a thriller.
  • Madan,

    I just mailed based on various sources that i came across in the past.
    I dont claim all these to be valid or true, but since, the mail chain
    was some what related, i shared my views.

    Regarding californiam, the actual sanskrit name quoted was
    kapilaranya.. I dont know if it is sankaracharya, but found this in
    one of his website. I am giving the following for reference.

    They also mention adjacent lands like horse land, ash land, ..
    although there is no concrete proof, i just mentioned it, because of
    the some similarity to our ancient texts.

    On Hindu Prophecy:
    Again, this is based on my past reading, which i dont remember
    exactly. A simple google search gave me these links.

    On woman president and prediction of havoc, i have to admit that i
    dont have any proofs.. Somewhere, i heard, one of our film actor
    (who is good in astrology) saying that in some local newspaper..

    On christians attempting to destroy muslims, again, there is no
    concrete proof.. However, circumstances prevailing now, shows they are
    at war even in the present time, although in a different mask..

    Its a known secret that the vatican aspires to establish christendom
    throughout world and the same for muslims.. and both are at war now
    in iraq & afghanistan.. only time will say, how pakistan event will

    So, when fundamentalists take over power in both america & Britain,
    there may be chances that they may attempt to do it.

    So, as you said, these are all my good imaginations, my small attempt
    to predict how future would unfold.. :)
  • Dear Senthil

    I do believe in Kaapila Aaranyam, but with a foot note of the boar
    theory as metaphor.

    In hinduism, its very difficult to provide grounded proofs. Any
    googling out, we can find so many articles without grounded proofs'
    It is better to analyze and look at the 'ut karuthu' than going ahead
    to physically determine the structures.
    The globe must have definitely changed since the age of Kaapila. We
    all know that the lands were connected and lands shift causing
    Tsunami's etc. Gujarat was linked to africa etc... when we talk
    physical existance, there must be a grounded proof.

    There are scholars debating at all times on the time line of Krsna
    avatar. Obviously, we all know that there is a huge debate on Rama-

    Hinduism is a mystery, I believe in many acharya's words, however, to
    understand God and the reality, there is a niche provided by Aadi
    Sankarar himself in Baja Govindam song where he says 'Dhukrinjh
    Karane' - unwind all that is logical.
    Dukrinjh Karane - stands as a difference between Western and Eastern

    Good luck and Happy new year.
  • Thanks Ravi..

    I too have the same opinion, that whatever is stated should not be
    taken as it is..

    My personal opinion is that such boar theory could have been evolved
    as a symbology to indicate the position of kapilaranya region.. (Its
    better to say scientifically that its 180 degree opposite to us)..

    And such truths and interpretations can be realised only by discussion
    & positive interaction..

    Some one commented my first mail as thrillers.. (it appeared to me
    the same when i read it two days later).. i would like to clarify,
    that its my imagination and certain level of predictions.. IT need
    not be true..

    Senthil Raja
  • Hi,
    Talking of religions fighting it out, reminds me of how two big empires keeping fighting each other and spend all their energies and allow an entirely king or empire to show up.
    1. 850AD Pallavas and Pandiyas fight it out - thirupurambiyam, out of it comes the new empire building by cholas.
    2. 15-16th Vijayanagar and Bahmini kingdoms fight it out, result is that goa comes under permanent portugese territory.
    3. Aurangazeb goes into fighting the flourishing maratha kingdom, results in Punjab sikh kingdom.
    4. Aurangazeb goes fighting against the deccan sultanate, results in Shivaji's maratha empire building.
    5. 1st BC/2nd AD Chola and Pandiyas keep fighting, results in Kalapirarars taking over tamilnadu.
    6. Chola and Pandiya fight it out during Kulothunga 2's reign, resulting in Hoysala someshvara extending his kingdom all the way into samayapuram.

    oops, the list is growing, someone else can add to this list.

    So, if two big enemies fight it out, result is that next level players are going to get their chance to move up, in this case it could be buddhism and hinduism.

    Wish you all a very happy new year 2008, and I am praying that this year brings in peace, health, prosperity and happiness to all.

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