Varahi temple in periya kovil
  • Does any one know if the Varahi temple inside periya kovil complex was built during RRC time or is it newer ? I believe the varahi is powerful and I am interested in knowing more about the history of the temple.
  • It is one among the Saptha Matgrikas - mutilated tho".

    Some Scholar attributes this to Pallava period !

    There are Pallava period 2 pillars also inside the Mahamandapam of Big
    temple.. Pls search the archives..

  • -Hi SpS

    There are Pallava period 2 pillars also inside the Mahamandapam of
    > temple.

    what do you attribute this to. cannibalsitic architecture I think
    they call. even in egypt pryamids were stripped to build new ones.


    . Pls search the archives..
    > sps
  • Dear Venkatesh,

    Cannibalistic .. Never.. Not by any Hindu Emperor in Tamilnadu.

    RRC need not have taken old pillars for a massive project as Big

    There could have been other reasons as well :

    Pallavas and Chozhas were more in friendly terms - unlike with ther
    Southern counter-parts.

    With evidence surfacing that Sundara Chozhar thunjiya (passed away)
    PON MALIGAI at NANDHIPURAM (near Tirukandiyur / Thiruvaiyaru) -
    palace belonged to NANDHIVARMA PALLAVA, these two pillars could have
    been positioned for certain specific reasons too - from Pallava

    Just posted Sundara Pandiya Meykeerthi (coutesy Dr Jaybee).

    Sundara Pandia has destroyed every Political structure - except
    Karikalan 16 pillar mandap from where he gave away gift to
    Pattinappalai Author Kadiyalur Urithirankannanar !

    BUT he too gave grants to Chozha built temples.

    None of our South Indian Emperors disturbed any place of worship -
    least at the place of worship of Same Faith..

    regards/ sps

  • If my memory serves me right, the Varahi looked more like a structure from the wall than a pillar.

    Plus your mention on the Pallava - Chola association is of great importance as we see post battle of Aditya 1 Vs Aparajitha pallava. Was this pillar or wall acquired post period of Raja Raja's dominance ? Another major question is why 'Varahi' against so many other saptha maatha's ?
    Was periya kovil initially a saptha maatha stalam ?

    I am searching archives, google etc but not many answers...but questions seem to be increasing :-)
  • >
    > None of our South Indian Emperors disturbed any place of worship -
    > least at the place of worship of Same Faith..
    > regards/ sps
    > ===================

    During kulottunga I, the kachi kailasanatha temple was closed down
    and the temple lands were given to another nearby temple.
    Subsequently during vijayanagara period ( his officer) koppangal
    cancelled this order and reopened the temple.

    South indian inscriptions:

    The three inscriptions Nos. 86, 87 and- 88 contain orders, which,
    were issued by a certain koppanangal/Koppannangal or Koppanan to the
    authorities of the
    temple. Koppanangal -was probably the executive officer of Kambana-
    udaiyar at
    kanchipuram. The Kaiiasanattha Temple is designated, by three
    different names,
    Rajasimhavarmesvara,Edudattu-ayiram-u-daiya-nayanar and
    Tirukkarraliimahadeva. The last-mentioned term means "the holy stone-
    temple (of) siva, The
    meaning of the second is not apparent. The first name,
    RajasimhayarmeSvara, shows
    that the Pallava king Rajasimha, the founder of the temple, was not
    yet forgotten at the
    times of Kambana-udaiyar, and that his full name was Rajasimhavarman.

    the Rajasimhavarmesvara Temple at Kanchipuram had been closed, its
    landed property
    sold, and its compound and environs transferred to the temple of
    anaiyapadangavudaiyanayanar. Koppanangal ordered, that the temple
    should be reopened and that its property
    should be restored."
  • Re: clolsure of Kanchi Kailasanathar temple ::

    This is interesting information.

    Will check and report more.

    Recollect that ::

    To avenge Vathapi having been set to Fire, Chalukya army invaded
    Kanchi - in post Narasimha period and upon seeing the beauty of
    Kanchi Kailasanatha temple, the invasion was stopped, grants given and
    retreated without causing any damage to the Pallava Capital !

    thanks Vijay.


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