Importance of PS
  • History by itself, always repeats itself. The settings change, the rules change but the story does not. It is always a remake, we get an opportunity to analyze the past and make sure that those are not repeated in the future. Cholas humiliating pandyas and vice versa only remind us of the political situations that arise once a party loses power.

    Kingdoms lose power over period of time, croporates break into multiple spin off's at time periods. Kingdoms give and take brides and seek protections, corporates do mergers and acquisitions. End of day, they are the same stories. However, what stands apart is the dharmic (honest) way of life and our true values.

    We are indebted to KAN / Kalki etc to have brought forward our past, in a way, those who build into this group too and here, i speak for myself and may be a few others too - all of our history teaches us a lesson in daily life, if we co relate happenings.

    >> as a doctor I can illustarte the number of genetic disorders which are propagated in the asian communities due to Consanguinity( Inbreeding) and child marraige...

    Good points in your last note,point taken regards in-breeding, that is why the child mairrage is out dated formula in today's world. However it was not when the british told the behavior was barbaric.

    Also, Let us not involve the epic warfare situations, each epic, we need to know the back and forth of the situations. Epic's are highly karma and sequence based, we cannot, in our limited knowledge, relate them to the happenings with recent history. Yes, the dharma that is preached must however be followed.

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