capitals of Cholas
  • Hi

    trichy ( or atleast a part of it was uraiyur- koli- possibly one of
    the reasons the cholas were called so)
    the cholas-especially kandaradithar in thiruvisapa calls himself koli-
    Uraiyur went under a rain of sand according to a legend. and the
    cholas had to shift capital.
    uraiyur has very ancient temples. panchavarneshwarar is the name of
    the shiva temple.

    palaiyarai is in patteeswaram and its neighbourhoods.
    tanjore was most possibly snatched from the mutharaiyars by the
    growing cholas.

    tanjore was abandoned as a capital soon after rrc's demise and
    activity shifted to gangai konda chola puram. some say rajendra
    evben functioned from chidambaram during the time gkc was built.

  • Dear Venkat,

    What is your order of preference as exited in 9th to 12th Century / :

    Pazhayarai / Kumbakonam

    regards / sps
  • Hi
    what do we really have on the capitals of cholas
    was uraiyur more or less a symbolic capital that connected the later and early cholas
    an for example do we count chidambaram as one because rajendra ruled from there for 5 years or so

  • What of Kanchi and Madurai?

    Often, in earlier times, the official capital might be X, but the king would
    spend half his days touring various other places to show the flag everywhere
    in his domains. I think this is more apparent in England, where the capital
    wasn't settled as a fact until probably Elizabeth I... Could the Chola
    emperor have been shuttling between Uraiyur, Tanjore, Pazhaiyarai, GKC and
    Chidambaram all his life?

  • was pazhairai as important as kalki says?
  • Dear Members,

    There are lot references in our group discussion regarding Pazhayarai including
    some by our SPS. My personal view is it was as important as our KALKI viewed it.

    I am quoting a few snippets from a book I have gone through recently on
    Pazhayarai by title “Varalatril Pazhayarai Managar” by Vidhwan Ve. Mahadevan.
    Some of you may have known him/ read this book/ probably met him. May be a
    member of our group also?

    1. Pazzhayarai had limits starting from Pettai Nanayakara Theru of
    Kumbakonam to Mudikondan River and was a big city

    2. Old Pazhayarai includes current day – Pazhayar, Patteeswaram,
    Thiruchathimutram, Arichandram, Parkulam, Muzhaiyur, Ramanathan Koil,
    Konapperumal koil, Ariyapadaiyur, Pambai Padaiyur, Puthupadayur, Manappadaiyur,
    Rajendran Pettai.

    3. Pazhayarai has long history of habitation as identified from the
    excavation done at Nandhan medu and Cholan maligai. There were proof that till
    12th and 13th century, these places were occupied. (My own interpretation of
    Nanthan medu- should it be Natham Medu? (Also, natham means cemetery? Tamil
    Pandits to correct me if I am wrong?)

    4. There were temples here during the period of Mahendravarman and
    Narasimhavarman which was sung by Thirunavukkarasar and Thirugnana sambandar and
    also by Sundarar (some of the temples may not be there today)

    5. During Nandivarman II, this city gets into History records and got its
    another name Nandipuram.

    6. Mangayarkarasi, wife of Pandiyan was believed to be the daughter of
    “Manimudichozhan” wsa believed to be operating from Pazhayarai. It was believed
    that Pazhayarai is the place where Cholas were resting before bursting into BIG

    7. Various Inscription found show connections to Paranthaga chola, Sundara
    chola, Uthama Chola, Rajaraja, Rajendra and until Rajaraja III.

    8. Maravarman Sundarapandiyan did Veerabhisheka at Pazhayarai. After this
    period, Pazhayarai should have slipped into obscurity

    9. Vikrama Chola had a second capital at Pazhayarai

    10. During Rajendra Chola period, this place is known by his one of the names-
    Mudi konda Cholapuram.

    11. All the Chola kings have in one way or another had some of their
    operations from Pazhayarai- Kulothunga I has given official orders from
    Pazhayarai sitting from “ Vanadhirayan” seat.

    12. He also sites interesting reason for “ Kudamookku” (Kumbakonam)name.

    I have quoted as such the author’s info (but translated into English from
    Tamil). May be I am wrong somewhere. Please correct me.

    Many of these may be already known to our group. It may be useful - for new
    readers like me- to go through the book fully.
    I expect such books from our group members.

    PS: The only connection I have with Pazhayarai is our grandmother family had a
    long marital relation with Pambai Padayur!
  • That could be an act of kings of those times as a security measure to escape in
    the event of surprise attack from enemies !

  • As it is located near Kumbakonam, the Kings would have found easier to visit temples and perform
    poojas in various temples !

  • Or rather, Kudanthai was located near Pazhaiyarai! A large proportion of the
    temples of Kumbhakonam are really Pazhaiyarai temples (Patteeswaram,


    On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 3:59 AM, vancheeswaran gopal

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