Ilavarasi Kundavai's request
  • Dear faithful Chola subjects (and those of other kingdoms too),

    It has come to my notice that the fans of Ponniyin Selvan have designed a
    unique calendar that highlights dates important to PS and Chola history. One
    need not explain how delightful this news was, to me. I am sick and tired of
    regular calendars with nothing but older kings' achievements writ large upon
    it.(My brother hates the idea too).

    I therefore request someone-anyone to forward a copy of this wonderful
    calendar to my personal aide's personal email: She
    will make a printout (whatever that means) and hang it my opulent rooms.
    [At least that way, Vandiyathevar won't forget our anniversary. I hope.]

    I am also presenting a pearl necklace to those who were a part of the design
    and development team. Your talent is great indeed.


    Ilavarasi Kundavaiyaar.
  • Good one pavitra - beautifully written
  • Hi all

    the calender was designed entirely by our PHD scholar deepa. the only
    mistake she did was..............

    send it to me and asked me to post it on the group. thats where
    things got messed up.

    it doesnt post properly
    and I am no expert on these things.

    wil try to individually send to all those who ask for it.
  • Hey No no the calender was made entirely by my cousin
    Hari who is some wiz with these things. The only
    problem is that he seems to surface annually and
    disappear thereafter with his gizmo and software
    codes. Kind of a "Shark Boy".

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