Thank you, Sridhar and Balaji
  • Dear Sridhar and Balaji,
    Thank you very much for your prompt information about the
    Sinhala Nachiar Koil. Though i am a native of Thanjavur I left it
    in 1960 when i was 19 . Now i am 62.. Our house, a palacious one
    was situated in South Rampart, just opposite to the then Bus Stand.
    Now some boarding and lodging houses stand in the place where once
    our house was. I still fondly remember the mornings that i used to
    walk upto Sivaganga Garden with my grand father.
    I feel very happy to note that youngsters from my native place
    taking keen interest in Tamil literature and history. I am not sound
    in history but I feel equipped when I go through the informative
    correspondences of you, young people of our PS group.
    May God bless you all!


    - In, sridhar rathinam

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