The secrets of Ajantha- a request
  • Dear all...

    Mr. Swaminathan- that was a most interesting mail- I learnt more
    from it than I ever did in any history book:-).

    > > At once stage some one from your group wanted to
    > > know whetehr i can start a
    > > serial on the Ajanta paintings in the egroup. I
    > > didn't hear anything on this
    > > after I had informed my readiness.

    Please do write about it. Most of us are students- that might explain
    why some important mails are missed due to lack of communication.

    We're all waiting eagerly.
  • Dear friends
    Pavithra has written that the group would like to have a 'serial' on Ajanta
    paintings. I have collected a lot of materials and also prepared a lot of
    presentation material. I am organising the presentation material in order to
    start a serial. Please wait for some time.

    With best wishes
  • Dear SPS sir

    In 2006, I have visited Ajantha and Ellora and take a lot of photos. As you aware that there are 36 caves in Ellora and I have covered 16 in two days.

    One day fully spent at Ajantha. If I post all the photos, the space will not be there. Hence, Please mail me separately and I will send the same.

    Mean while I am having a question on Ellora. There are 3 segment in the total 36 caves 12 each. Starting from Aurangabad 12 caves done by Muslim kings, next 12 chalukkiyas next 12 is totally budha caves.

    Is it correct sir? Any proof of concept is there for this?

    K. Sundar
  • Dear Sundar,
    Did you read the article on Ellora by Kalki written during 1935. It is very good pictorization of Ellora caves
  • Dear Kailasam sir

    Not yet read the same sir. If possible please send it to my yahoo sir.
  • Dear Friends,

    If some of you are particular in knowing more, I can organise a power-point presentation on Ajantha & Ellora through Prof Swaminathan in Feburary.

    Pls avoid using Sir.

    regards / sps
  • Dear Sundar,
    re Penguin Guide to the Monuments of India v.1, George Michell, 1989
    Ellora : caves 1-13 Buddhist group ~ 7th & 8th century
    caves 14-29 Hindu group ~ 6th thru 9th century
    caves 30-33 Jaina group ~ 9th century [newest discovered 3
    not covered in this book.] Calukyas of Vatapi, then
    Rashtrakuta - - -
    Newer research may have modified this.
    My favorite sculptures there are in 'DasAvatara' #15.

    dividing line in the caves between the 2 dynasties unclear, no Muslims.

    I'd love to see your photos, or you could put them on Picasa [free] so
    could see them.
  • dear sundar,

    i had attended a talk on them recently. i had quoted it from memory below

    plan to carry this as a series and would be honored to receive your
    collections. let me know if you could burn on a cd, will have it picked up.
  • thank you dear Vijay.

    anbudan / sps
  • Dear Friends,

    You are invited ::

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