Cherar Kottai - A Review by swetha jeevan
  • Dear Friends,

    I was given the honour of receiving the first copy from the hands of our dear Gokul when published (in August) in the presence of Dr. Kalaikovan and Dr. Nailini along with Dr. Arasu (Dr. kkvn's brother ) - all of them well recognised Historians .. yet I could sit and read both the volumes in one-go (how else ? ) last week end..

    The impact is remarkable..

    Every one of us would have been impacted thinking of the characters of Ponniyinselvan even after several days of having completed reading the same.

    our dear Gokul accomplished that effect through his spendid writing..

    NDTV Vaidhyanathan and Swetha Jeevan (member in our group for almost a decade) have reviewed this...already.,

    Swetha was so excited and shared so many things in a small group - when Gokul visited Chennai - immediately after publication.

    I will start putting my views on this wonderful Fiction (supported by more evidences) in 3 - 4 mails sooner ..

    A must read by those who want to know what happened to the characters in PS...

    our dear (Anusha) Venkat has written and published Kavirimyndhan.. as sequal.. likewise Vikaraman's vandhiyathevan vaall - nandhipurathu nayagi are already published..

    Cherar Kotta will be another appropriate addition in such series.

    very best wishes Gokul.. again.

    anbudan / sps
  • Dear SPS

    Thanks for your kind words! As mentioned in the foreword, your inputs came a long way in shaping the characters and events in the Novel.

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