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  • friends, recently i went on a traveling spree on the coastal strip extending from kollidam and porayar. i found one very interesting village NANGUR. it has 6 vaisnavite temples and three saivite ones in a space 600m+400m.the village is so scenic. thirumangai alwar's presence is felt here. the feeling was great after going to this place.
    from sirkali bus stand you can get auto up and down for rs-450/-. if you want you can arrange it with an auto person who could take you around the temples. he lives in nangoor but can arrange your travel from sirkali busstand.his phone number:9626385409.
  • Thank you for sharing Gandhiram!

    My native place is Karaikal. Next time when I go, will make it a point to
    visit Nangur.
  • There are about 13 Vaishnava divyadesams in the 'Thirunangur' area and a few Shaivite sthalams. All these are in very close vicinity. The 'Eleven- Garudasevai' in the month of Jan-Feb is quite spectacular and attracts large crowds. The birthplace of Thirumangai Azhwar is Thiruvaali which is among the above 13.
    There are rooms to stay at "Ramanjua Koodam".
    You can have a detailed note in '' in the following link. There are three travel experiences posted there, which gives detailed account and useful contact details.

    There, go to Divyadesams -) Travel Info -) and then scroll down to-

    " The following divya desams can be easily visited while staying at Seerkazhi or Mayiladuthurai. "

    Have a nice trip.


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