Support Movement to Protect our Heritage
  • We have a rich heritage to make everyone proud. But most of it is hidden in ruins unknown to most of us. These are being knowingly and unknowingly vandalized, exploited and even looted for personal benefit. The best way to protect the greatest gift of our forefathers is through a sustained effort by responsible people. We need to begin contributing small amounts every month. For most of us Rs.500 per month is not very difficult. Each one can directly pay this money to a chosen beneficiary. As a group we can monitor regularity of payment and share our views on how the beneficiaries are effectively utilizing our donation. The best advantage is that the chosen beneficiaries are assured of long term income from their respective donors and their activities are monitored impartially by our group.
    I foresee the following advantages once at least 10 like minded people join me and begin donating a small fixed amount each.
    1.We can search for good causes/institutions and carefully screen every research / renovation / preservation proposal together to chose the really deserving ones.
    2.We can give an assurance of a fixed sum each month for the next 12 months to the chosen research / renovation / preservation work which will enable them to plan their work most effectively.
    3.We can undertake impartial reviews of the progress periodically and decide to continue / increase / decrease / stop funding as appropriate.
    I invite ladies and gentlemen in this group who think this idea is worth trying to respond to this mail. We can join together to create a core group to work together and make this idea a success.
    This idea has been in my mind for more than two decades now. I think the time is ripe to start moving in this direction.
    I hope to work with many of you on this noble cause
  • Please join Temple Cleaners email group to join the Reach Foundation and contribute to our activities - we have hundreds of members from all over the world already. Please take a look at the website sent by Mr. Thirumalai to know more.
  • If we can come up with a transparent & fool-proof monitoring model ensuring
    that money is spent in the intended way, I am in Hari!

  • I thank everyone who responded.
    Do we need another such group why not join an existing one?
    While a large number of organizations are involved in heritage conservation, by combining fund raising with execution these organizations are subject to conflicts of interests and constraints of reduced transparency in fund use, inability to objectively monitor effectiveness of initiatives, inability to reach out to a large section of small donors willing and sufficiently interested in the cause to donate. Hence it is found necessary to set up a loose group of donors who are capable of donating only small amounts at a time, but are capable of sustaining their donations for extended periods.
    The group will restrict itself to funding proposals, monitoring end use of funds and progress of implementation. This group will not directly engage in implementation of any work funded by it. Thus a healthy arm’s length relationship shall always be maintained with all entities being funded by the group.

    A framework is needed for implementing this and to monitor end use of funds
    This group would be constituted as an empowered group of individuals. Individual donors can decide how much to contribute to each project and also refrain from contributing to any specific project(s) or expense(s). The funding method for the approved projects will resemble bank financing. The prospective beneficiary needs to prepare a detailed estimate of expenses to be incurred. The estimate shall be made available to all donors. A clear appraisal of the estimate shall also be made and eligible expenses alone culled out. A schedule of funding shall be prepared and provided to the beneficiaries. Once installments are released and work commences, a periodical report of inspection and follow up of work done shall be prepared and shared with all donors. If any discrepancies or delays are found, suitable warning shall be given to the beneficiaries. If after repeated warnings there is no satisfactory progress funding shall be stopped. Where fund is utilised properly and project is completed satisfactorily, further funding for the same beneficiary shall be considered. Preference will be accorded for projects requiring small quantum of funds as well as for longer term projects.

    Every help forthcoming from established organizations like REACH, Dr.Rajamanickanar Center for Historical Research and others would be gratefully accepted in identifying worthy causes and extending funding help. Incidentally I am a retired Chief Manager from State Bank of India with experience in lending and follow up to ensure end use. The expertise of all group members in this regard would also be welcomed.

    Interested persons can take this discussion with me on my email id You may also call me on my mobile 9442588884.

    I am expecting initially a small core group of around 3 to 5 like minded persons who can join together and get this on track.
  • Sir,

    This is plasticschandra as everyone know me. I and some like minded people like you have started REACH with the guidance and leadership of eminent archaeologist Dr T Satyamurthy who retired then in 2006 for us to form REACH (Rural education And Conservation of Heritage) in which our dear SPS is also one of the trustees.

    We have come a long way and it would be not the right platform to write about all, but our web site explains most of the activities we have done all voluntarily, including running and maintaining the web site, consulting on temple conservation et al.

    4th batch of tamil epigraphy was inaugurated by dear Shri M Rajendran IAS, on 19th of this month and he has also joined the class!

    The class would happen in Ramakrishna School, Dandapani street, off Burkit road, T.Nagar, from 9th September 2012 onwards, every Sunday for 12-15 weeks, 9:30 Am to 11:30 AM.

    Recently we have been nominated as one of the consultant for Chennai corporation on heritage buildings. No political clout, no bias and transparency in accounts (we have 80_G) has made us travel this far. Miles to go!

    As Swarna said, please join yahoo group temple_cleaners to get all messages of REACH FOUNDATION.
  • Dear Sir
    I am well aware of REACH and your dedicated service to the cause of heritage. I would like to render support to you and a large number of individuals and organisations who are involved in similar. This has been a dream of mine. I am fully convinced that there is enormous amount of funds at the disposal of middle and lower middle classes. In this segment each family can donate only a small amount but can sustain donations forever. For eg a bank clerk or a Govt LDC who is conscious of saving heritage ( believe me there are thousands now)can save Rs.100-Rs.200 every month over several years. I think that in TN alone there could be 10,000 such persons on a very conservative estimate. This translates into Rs. 10 Lacs every month for a long period of time. I would like to mobilise a group of such people who will donate continuously. My role would be to maintain accounts, identify deserving projects, follow up on fund use and keep close liaison with organisations such as REACH. I will primarily remind and follow up with donors and guarantee them that their hard earned money would be spent for the right cause as preferred by them.
    I hope you will appreciate that what I am proposing is an urgent need of the day and will benefit both donors and dedicated protectors.
    I request you to share your frank views about this.

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