Cherar Kottai - A Review
  • Dear Gokul,

    Congratulations for giving us a good novel. Just completed your Serar Kottai.

    Few points

    - Your style of writing literally lifts the readers and lands them in the scene

    - The tempo was so fast and was kept till the end

    - once you start reading then Serar Kottai compels you to complete the novel

    - Novel leaves enough hints about Gokul's future projects

    - Gokul has worked hard to tell us about Kalari

    - In short- Great novel

    Few suggestions

    - Like Kizakku, Uyurma, Kalachuvadu publications..this novel could have been brought in a better book.

    - Cover painting seems to be from Daniel's I feel a novel should have an arresting picture so that comman man can pick up

    - Instead of the painting which looks dull on the wrapper some drawing depicting Kalari scene would have been better. I am not saying anything against the painting and in fact I have all Daniel paintings in my computer

    All the best Gokul....waiting for your next novel-Udayabanu
  • Dear Sir

    Thank you very much for the continued patronage.

    We all know how busy media persons are. Amidst such tight schedules you managed to finish the book and also write a review.

    Will take up your suggestions in future works
  • very nice to hear your views dear Vaidhnayathan.

    rgds/ sps


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