• Our Dear Vijay (, Ashok Krishnaswamy, Venkat, Malathi, Muganandham, Parvathavardhini and several other friends of our Group - including myself - have been acknwoeldged by RAVI VENU ( Thiruppugazh fame) of our group - in his First Venture - I, Rama, Age of Seers - book I !

    Priced at Rs. 225 the details are narrated in first person by Lord Rama himself... Interesting to read.

    very best wishes dear Ravi.

    warm rgds / sps
  • Where can we get the book?
  • Flipkart, Indiaplaza has this book online. India plaza has a better
    discount. :)
  • SPS sir and fellow PS members

    Thanks for your help!

    I have acknowledged that this group and SPS sir was the major reason in this writing venture.

    I hope PS group members read and find it useful.

    Would love to have your reviews.

  • Dear Ravi

    Congrats! Would love to read the book. Modern rendition of Ramayana that too as a first person account is a pretty interesting concept. Though it has been attempted earlier, I'm sure you found your own way of expressions - that's why you chose to do this one!

    The wrapper was excellent. Who is the publisher of this book?
  • Hi Gokul

    Its published by Cratus Media, one of my own companies. Its available on flipkart and other online stores. gives some insight.

    Also, I would be interested in knowing any other 1st person account, I have done some research but never found any published works. Please share if you know.

    My book is sci-fi and more suited to an audience who seek explanations on certain possibilities.

    Hope to get your reviews too!

    - R
  • Thanks Ravi.

    >>Though it has been attempted earlier...

    My phrase refers to modern day renditions of Ramayana not first person account:-)

    So I guess yours will be the first one. Congrats!

    Looking forward to read the book

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