• Hi all

    While i do not want to get into the specifics - varalaaru team is possibly
    one of very few teams which is doing genuine work in this very neglected
    field. There can be disagreements with their views, and on my part i must
    say that their editorial team also needs to be mature in their
    disagreements and refrain from authoring critical views of other scholarly
    works ( in the past have seen quite a few scathing articles on their site)
    . But that doesn't mean that we open a wide gate for bashing all their good

    We are mostly hobbyists and at best can try and learn as much as we can
    from the works of everyone around - feel we have not yet come to that level
    to pass critical comments on the works of such scholars. Beg for more
    caution as words once said cannot be taken back.
  • There is no denying of the achievements by varalaru team and the team is respected
    for their works. In factoncei got an adivse from
    one of their senior member that " there is no speculation in History" and
    i corrected myselffrom then on.
    But a speculation from them is shocking andhence so much noise. Infact people are shocked
    on this "Speculation" contrary to the culture of providing undisputable proof. More noise
    because it is not what Varalaru is known far.
  • I quote from an article by U R Anathamoorthy on Mahatma.

    காந்திக்குச் சமதையாக நமக்குக் கிடைக்கும் பாத்திரம் ராமன்.
    அதனால்தான் இன்றைக்கும் நாம் ராமனது நடவடிக்கைகள் தொடர்பாக
    விவாதித்துக்கொண்டே இருக்கிறோம். அவன் வாலியை மறைந்திருந்து
    கொன்றது சரியா? சீதையை நெருப்பில் இறங்க வைத்தது சரியா?
    அவன் ராவணன் தம்பி விபீஷணனோடு ஒப்பந்தம் செய்துகொண்டது
    சரியா? எல்லா வகையான கேள்விகளையும் கேட்கலாம். அதாவது
    ராமன் அறம் சார்ந்த ஆளுமை. கிருஷ்ணனைப் பற்றி யாராவது
    இப்படிப்பட்ட கேள்விகளை எழுப்புவது உண்டா? அவன் என்ன
    வேண்டுமானாலும் செய்யலாம்.

    We keep Varalaaru.com in high regard and that is why these questions are asked.
  • Dear Chandra,

    We have been adopting a practice not to get into any discussion related to any political party in particular and not involving individuals.

    We all are aware that our dear SPS@SB sir groomed the guys in

    This statement is not correct.

    For the clarity of new members i furnish some basic details :

    Dear Friends,

    After formation of our Group - several enthusiasts wanted to pursue the leads in PS and find out whether the characters are real / whether places exist as depicted by Kalki / whether it is interesting to follow Vandhiyathevan route !!

    Viswaksenan (then in Kalki magazine) along with Kamalakkannan, Pavithra and other friends initiated a trip in about 2003. Kamal contacted Trichy Dr. Kalaikkovan - who directed them to Balakumaran / myself.

    We had a detailed talk. Planned Mudhal yathirai. Planned a trip " Vandhiyathevan vazhiyil ". Viswaksenan reported in Kalki.

    Later in Chennai we formed Ponniyinselvan Varalatruperavai and invited Dr. Kalaikkovan, Dr. Nalini, Dr. Rajavelu and similar such scholars in held a meeting in Sangeetha - Luz.

    In that meeting we are fortunate to get introduced to VENKAT (Anusha Venkat - author of Kavirimyndhan and Swetha Jeevan ).

    After the meet we were taking steps to commence more history related activities. that year 15th August www.varalaaru.com emagazine was launched and the Editorial Team comprised of many of our Group members.

    Anyhow ponniyinselvan varalatru peravai was pursuing certain specific goals :

    1. to remind the Authorities to move the estampages lying unattended to in the basements of ASI, Mysore !

    2. to recognise and popularise in-house Talent in PSVP.

    3. to create more awareness among the youth to preserve our Heritage.

    There were several such e-groups, but pioneered several activities in these specific directions.

    We planned another Trip to Thanjai. When explaining the paintings, some Editorial board members of varalaaru team started questioning whether it was RRC who was worshipping Chidambaram etc..

    After these exchanges, slowly those members distanced themselves from our Group activities.

    They focussed on varalaaru e-magazine.

    We brought out PS Malar - publishing articles from our members..
    we Celebrated PS Meet inviting Kavipperarasu Vairamuthu - who not only lauded our friends like Gokul, Venkat, Dhiwakar, Pavithra and the like (ref archieves for more details), but also made a personal contribution of Rs. 25000 on the stage itself. Kalki Rajendran was pleased to send us a Greeting message.

    We also invited Amarar Kalki's Grand Daughter Gowri Narayan who spoke on dias : " It is difficult to describe re Kalki because one small error, there are likely to be seveal cross-references from this august audience. ! " The Quiz proved to show the intellectual- strength of our Group more.

    Chola Murals - is published by ASI - narrated by PS Sriraman.

    He has clearly indicated that the person worshipping in Chidambaram is Rajaraja !!

    Rightly Thiruvalluvar advised us to analyse inputs.

    In this subject article also author has analysed and put foward some of his views.

    We will not deviate from the Guidelines followed in our group all along and accuse anyone.

    We will share knowledge.

    Enlighten ourselves. Help enlightening others.

    to a specific query - I support the view of Chithirai first as Tamil new year.


  • varalaaru team is one of very few teams which is doing genuine work in this very neglected field.

    Beg for more caution as words once said cannot be taken back.

    In Trichy there are only 2 colleges which teach History today !!



  • Dear Friends,

    A little bit of explanation is deemed necessary...

    * First reg varalaaru.com: We are a group of individuals with individual views on many different things. We respect each other's viewpoint and we try to provide space for alternative opinions. At the same time we realize that we own a collective responsibility as a team of editors. So, for the editorial published, we now have the responsibility of substantiating the claims we have made. If there is one thing that we have repeatedly heard from our guru Dr.Kalaikkovan it is this: "You have to substantiate what you say with facts. Otherwise call it a story". Now you know why I chose to write stories:-)

    * For the record: SPS has made invaluable contributions in the formation of varalaaru.com team. None of us have forgotten this fact. The formation of the team is highlighted in two of the articles provided below. Since they were written for the special issue commemorating Dr.Kalaikkovan's 60th birthday , the stress is on his qualities - but you will see that SPS contributions have been duly recognized.



    * Again for the record: All of my books carry a preface acknowledging the contributions of SPS and PS group. No exceptions.

    * When PS Vizha was conducted in 2009, I read a detailed article capturing all the essential contributions of SPS to the group. I guess it is available in our ps group website.

    * My continuous participation in the group since 2004 is something PS Archive mails will attest.

    * Reg Mr Natarajan's article: I wish to thank him for acknowledging the little contributions we have made even while firmly refuting the editorial.

    Overall, the high esteem and regard in which the website is held is clear from all the comments received. This should hopefully make us more responsible. More thoughtful. and more careful.

    Mikka anbudan
    Gokul Seshadri.
  • To
    SPS/ Vijay,
    Gentleman's word.

    I abide

    Of course, replying to the thoughts of the specific article in varalaaru.com means we are wasting more time on argumentative issues. What later wisdom says is to work on what we know better, I mean I would refrain to renovation of temples and at least not less.

    As dear SPS is also the trustee of REACH FOUNDATION, which also maintains its healthy relationship with the parent group: PSVP!
    In fact, when all were seeing the good side of temples in PSVP yatrai, the bad temples' sight struck me, hence we were focussed to start REACH FOUNDATION, and we were lucky that we had Dr Satyamurthy retiring then from ASI and accepting our request to head the team.

  • Date: 24-2-2012

    Anbulla Vasakarkale,

    While some references are being made to an article on the Tamil New Year, I wish to draw the attention of those who might be interested in same - to my short write-up on the Tamil New Year in the Mayyam Hub Web Site, which could be viewed at the following URL posted in the year 2004.

  • Gokul,

    i would say this editorial column of varalaaru.com is unacceptable, i i hope that there would be some clarification out on OGai's article.

    BTW, do we have something to say on Jeyamohan's note on Kalki?!

    - Ramki

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