RJC conquests in meikeerthi
  • Dear Mr Virarajendra Sir,

    In the above topic related mails you have held that the "Adhi Nagar" relates to Purvadesa (kashmir". But I found from the web search the king "Indhra Ratha" of Lunar Race was ruling the part of Kalinga from Jwypore and the Battle at Adhi Nagar was actually Yayathi Nagar. I am cipoying the link (http://puratattva.in/2011/10/07/the-somavamshis-of-odisha-1138.html)which contain basic the basic material and request you to look in to the attachment and enlighten the group members about the correct position.
    With great regards

    Sukumar V
  • Date: 19-2-2012Date: 19-2-2012

    Anbumikka Sukumar,

    Your query on Indraratha, Athi Nagar, etc etc, I prefer to discuss same 'further' once I start my other research article titled,

    "Medieval Chola Empire & it's relations with countries upto North East & North West - Mainland India.

    This will appear in Mayyam Hub only after I "complete fully" the present article titled "Medieval Chola Empire & its relations with Malaysia, Indonesia,Singapore & Thailand.

    As I have decided to "share all evidences in connection with the above Research Article with the other Research - Scholars which now needs more time & attention to same - for the time being

    Mikka anbudan


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