thiruvilayadal puranam period?
  • friends,
    there is one paranjothi thiruvilayadal puranam possibly written in 1650
    the second one is alavayudayar thiruvilayadalpuranam -period not known, and there is a pulayoor nambi t.v.puranam possibly 11 th century.

    but when was the first t.v.p written. there mentions of tv events in appar thevaram. so it is prior to 600ad. there are mentions of jain hagemony so it is prior to 7th century. but there are mentions of powerful chola kings- so it is early cholas or later cholas? if they are early one possibly the urayoor cholans ( 300-400 ad)?.

    t.v.p is a part of skandhapuranam . sanskrit puranas were compiled in gupta period 200-400 ad. so can we say tvp is 200 AD as well.

  • Halasya Mahatmiyam was part of skanda purana.

    How Madurai Purana - Halasya ( Madurai) - was known in Gupta period is interesting?

    It is not an addition made in South either.

    Shyamala Dhandakam attributed to Kalidasa is on Meenakshi of Madurai where he mentions Kalyani, Kadmba vana vasini. Again Kadamba Vana is Madurai.

    Lalitha Sahsranam which is part of Brahmanda Purana mentions 1. Kamakshi 2. Odyana Peeta Nilaya refering to Kanchi 3. Kadmba Vana vasini.

    We also saw Valmiki Ramayan mentioning Swetaranya -Thiruvenkadu and mentions Siva Slaying Yama.

    Sangam mentions many skanda leela, ( skanda Puaranam), Krishna Leela ( Bhagavata Purana), Siva leela and Devi leela. ( Siva Purana and Brahmanda Purana)

    Hence The puranas might not have been of Gupta origin.

  • madurai was a great city then hence there were intersts in gupta period about it.

    i said the books were compiled in gupta period ( not written then)

    halasya manmiyam! when was it written any clear guess

  • Dear Sir, Is there any refernces of them being compiled in Gupta period?

    Becasue they were attributed to Sage Vyasa. ( Again that too needs a concrete proof) Silambu mentions many instances of Siva/Krishna/Skanda/Vishnu leelas.

    Looks the compilation must be earlier to Guptas?
  • michael wood -historian and indologist says so in his book ' STORY OF INDIA" oxford publication 2007.
    the problem is, noone doubts the antiquity of puranas but the issue is when the stories like the villainous cholans and jains were inserted into it?

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