• what would have happenned to those battle fields a 1000 years down in time. perhaps plots being advertised on rajtv
    i was surprised to learn that a premier wedding hall in santhome was once the site of the battle of adayar between french and english
    likewise we could list the battlefields of kalki novels and see what their status is now?
    starting with sivakamiyin sabatham

  • manimangalam - battle field where Mahendra Pallava and Pulikesin fought a
    fierce battle..
    Still a remote village with two beautiful temples.
  • Manimangalam has no trace. Pullalur has a memorial for the later fight ( Arcot war)

    But my friend who visited Tiruppurambiyum recently - told me that the villagers explaining the war as if it happened last week. ( by a senior person whom he met in a tea shop)
  • Dear All, i heard even inSwamimalai also,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,between europeans,,,,,,,,,,,the temple was affected,,,,,, was rebuilt again,,,,,,,is it true?

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