temples in ASEAN region
  • friends,
    the temples i saw in the net, from burma,thailand,combodia, laos,yunan(china), vietnam ,indonesia...etc were really breath taking.
    actually there may be more temples in these region than even in india.
    the temples are in the south indian pattern and orissa style. but central indian and assam style temples are also seen. actually the temples have these pattern.
    1. dravidian style
    2. odissa style
    3. north indian style
    4. assam style
    5. srilankan style (mostly buddhist)

    the hindu temples are increasingly paid attention and are being renovated or preserved. there are predominantly siva temples vishnu temples follows next and ganesh,brahma, amman temples are also seen.

    all these temples were constructed between 5th century to 14th century.once hinduism flourished here. now it is almost nonexistent. only malaysia and ceylon has hindus besides bali island.

    i made a low budget virtual tour of these places through net for the past week end.

  • Dear Sir,

    Your collections are really very good. Please compile them all and present us in a single article with all the links. We will keep it in our records.

    Alsi -friends : If bragained as a group and advance planning-flight tickets to places like these can be taken at very low price.

    If God wishes - can have a psvp tour - may be in 2-3 years
  • a hindu temple dedicated to SHIVA in laos.
  • Very nice initiative ..

    But planning much ahead is difficult for some of us.

    Yet need to be looked into.

    warm rgds / sps
  • I remember in 2005 or 2006, we all planned for a trip to Angor wat...and
    then it come down to Ajantha/Ellora and finally even local trips became
    difficult :)

    But I am sure, one day we can make it..

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