CHENNAI MEET ON 3RD JULY SUNDAY - Noon - Lunch and then meeting
  • "" I will be there!

    Our Dear Vairam,
    inspite of so much of
    preoccupation, confirmed
    to be THERE in our meet
    on 3rd NOON !!

    and Vijay initiated..
  • Dear,
     I am willing to join. I will  inform vanathi for malarcholai mangai and kalki books
  • I missed the last week meeting as I didnt check my emails .. I will make it for this meeting, but will leave by 3.30pm.
  • ullen ayya...
    So its 3rd instead of 2nd...thats fine. I will be there on Sunday..
  • I am planning to take one charector of Ramayanam and make a presentation
  • Dear All,

    I am interested to attend the meet on 3rd July, Sunday noon. I am less than a year old in this forum. If my name can be included please confirm.
    After reading about the activities of PSVP and the group, am quite eager to take part in the proposed meet.
  • I will surely join and aso make a fast PP presentation on temple dos and donts.
  • i will present my PPT on my research work

    willing to meet all on 3rd.

    if any one come from out side city ,

    can stay at my home near porur

  • I will present one ppt on a charector of Ramayana from what ever i have completed so far. Vali.

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