Ramayanam before Kamban 75- thiruverumbur
  • Thiruverumbur

    On Trichy Tanjore Highway. A temple sung by Appar with 2 Padigams. The Moolavar is in the form of an ant hills. According to legends when Tarakasura took over the 3 workdsm Devas took the form of ants and worshipped lord siva here. Hence Eumbur ( erumbu in Tamil is ant) To differentiate from the other erumbur and also since a thirumurai thalam - this place is Thiruerumbur.
     Constructed in Stone By Aditya 1.

    Famous for the grant given by Gandaraditya's  for singing thiruppadigams.

    The inscriptions refer about the ThenKailayam and Adita Bhattaragar. Whether the Adita Bhattaragar is the one in the temple are existed somewhere in the town is not known.

    This temple has many panels.

    1. It has some panels of Ashtadigbalakas. Some are not visible. Some are clearly visible.

    2. Lot of dance panels and images - mostly pot dance

    3. There are two sleeping guys. Of late we are observing more of this guy.
    Kathy and Sriram to note. who is he - Ranganatha? vastu Purusha? Karthigeya? Seen in Manimangalam, Anbil, Uraiyur and now in this place. I have found him in Mannar kovil also. Who is he?

    4. Rama aiming vali is shown in 2 adjacent panels.

    5. Lakshmana cutting Soorpanaga's nose is also shown in a panel.

    6. 2 Natrajas, Lakshmi and Harihara are interesting.

    The temple is under ASI. The light was peeping through the holes and i could not take pictures properly.

    My sincere thanks to Dr Sathyamoorthi sir who helped me in this visit.
    This is one more temple with Ramayana panels
  • Karthikeya in sleeping posture?
  • Dear Sankaranarayan,

    Yours is remarkable contribution on the subject !!

    Prof Swaminathan Sir used to give his links along with password for wide publicity.

    Likewise you are also furnishing so much of information.

    Pls bring out this in consolidated form - say an ART BOOK !!

    During Dr. Sridhar's meet - we will discuss this too,

    rgds/ sps

  • A blank post !

    Addressee ? " Sure of what ?
  • Dear SPS,
    Whether Dr sridhar meet date, place time have been set?? If so kindly inform me
  • Sankaranarayan is doing an excellent job. He has brought in his post,
    lot of material from diverse sources. He is on a mission to collect all
    available and traceable material on the present topic, which obviously
    is close to his heart. When he started this topic, there was a similar
    advice (from me too) to slow down and consolidate.
    Let us not cramp his style. Collation can wait when all the available
    material is presented.
    Good work. Thanks, Sankar, for your excellent attempt.
  • I am almost on the final stage of the consolidation. May be another 20.

    Some more Ramanathas like Valisvaras. Some more panels. Some more literary sources.

    Then i will consolidate them.

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