Ramayanam before Kamban 66 - Vira Chozhan
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    A single plate was recorded which is supposedly from Namakkal. (ARE 1906 No 29). This plate give the genealogy of one Vira Chola. Dasaratha, Rama, Mahabhahu, Kerala, Tagatpathi, Manikuttuva, Kota, Ravi who married Konda, Kantha who married a Pallava princess, Kanna and Kantha. In this line was born Vira Chola. This plate has a numeral 3 engraved on the top.

    Now who is this Vira Chola?

    Prof Kelhorn published the Udhayendiram plates.there were 5 sets of copper plates discovered in an underground chamber in a agrahara house. One from Nandhivarman 1period ( AD 491), One from Nandhivarman II ( AD 752), Parantaka 2sets ( 907, 922) and Vikaramaditya III. In this one Parantaka set has 2 plates. ( EI iii no 14) with page nos 1,2,4,5. Prof Mahalingam feels that this Namakkal plate is the missing page 3 of Udayendiram plates.

    The sets from Udyaendiram mentions that Vira Chola, a subordinate of Parantaka as advised by his spritual advisor Nila, granted a Parakesari Chathurvedimangalam to 150 brahmans. The village was between Kaveri and another river.

    Now who is the Vira Chola?  The answer is in an epigraph in Sholingar. It is in a boulder in a hill called Sudugattumalai near Sholingur.

    The epigraph starts with a invocation to Vishnu. Mentions Parantaka had a surname Vira Narayana. The Parantaka confered the title "lord of Banas" on Prithivipati of the Ganga race, who is surnamed Hastimalla. The epigraph mentions that this Hastimalla  also had a surname Vira Chola.

    Now it is clear that the Ganga rulers also claimed to be Surya Vamsis and decedents of Sri Rama. Cholas also are Suryavamsis and decedents of Sri Rama. Hence the Chola emperor ( Parantaka1) must have conferred the title Virachola to Pritivipati.

    Pallavas claimed that they are like Sri Rama in valour and Cholas & Gangas claim that they were decedents of Sri Rama.

    This Pritvipathi must be different from the one who had a Pallippadai in Thiruppuyambiyum. Request members to give their views.
  • Dear Shankar, Very good approach! Researchers should think in a different way.
    It should be logical and practical. Great days are ahead for you! Your long
    journey for the past will pave a new road for the future.
  • Interestingly the Vira Rajendra inscription of Kanyakumari refers Parantaga as Vira Chola. However the gemology of vira chola mentioned in the plate - looks more of Non Chola ( and also no mention of Vijayalaya and Aditya - rather refers some Ravi, Kantha etc ) and the Sholingur ref of Pritivipati is more opt.

    I will write in detail on Kanyakumari - in Ramayanam post 67 - will start from today and write in 4 parts and complete in a day)

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