Balasubramaniam BPlus on Lemuria / Kumarikandam
  • Mr Balasubramaniam BPlus, who spoke about Kalinga Tamil connections for
    Tamil Paraambariyam will be lecturing on "Ground Reality of Lemuria and
    Kumari Kandam" on Thursday November 25, 2011 at Chennai Egmore State Museum.
    Interested parties may attend. He presented a lecture on this topic at
    Coimbatore this last Sunday.

    He says he has gained exciting new information in the last year, which
    1. the nesting places of tortoises in several places seem to have Tamil
    2. the names of different types boats in different cultures seem to be of
    Tamil origin
    3. He sent me a message earlier that sea turtles helped our seafarers
    navigate to other parts of the world. Pretty nifty, using biological guides,
    to find ocean currents, rather than astronomical info or trade winds as
    navigational aids.
  • Dear Mr. Gopu ,

    Pl adv the time of lecture ,

  • with refrence to my discussion with sps sir

    i am requesting all of ps members to attend my lecture tomorrow by 11 am at centenery hall museum Egmore chennai

    I am the one of the student of PS virtual university from 2005 got a paternaged from sps sir and friends.

    expecting your presence.

    orissa balu B+ve

    99402 40847
  • Invitation to our friends





    Marine resource managment consultant

    Integrated Ocean Research foundatrion

    on 25th November ,2010 at 11 am

    at the centenary exhibition hall

    followed by an intractive session

    Dr.T.S.sridhar IAS

    principal secretary/commisionar of museums

    has kindly consented to preside over the programme

    all are welcome

    R.D.thulasi brinda M.Phill
    curator,geology section

    15.11.2010 chennai 600 008

    Subject of Presentation:

    Ground reality of Lemuria and kumarikandam theory

    A interdisciplinary approach on century old concept

    Mr. Balasubramani B+ve will talk about our historical monuments that
    lies submerged at places like Poompuhar, Mamallapuram, tharangampadi
    and his present research at 'Kumari-Kandam' at wedge bank of
    kaniyakumari coast .

    will talk about time line of searching of southern sunken isalnd and
    land scape by the westerners.

    origin of lemuria theory

    Adoption of lemuria concept to kumarikandam through litreature

    presnet fishing ground of kanyakumari regions evidence related to
    above theory..

    present marine biospher of tamilnadu coast datas

    coastal dunes and Theri sites informations associated with sunken

    status of 20000 islands of indian ocean rideges associated with our
    theory .

    turtle nesting places of india make our fishermen travelled on ocean
    currents to other parts of the world

    Detail report on Tamilnadu coastal morphology with a special focus on
    kaniyakumari coastal morpholgy .

    will brief about lower paleolithic,microlithics to neolithics sites on
    tamilcaostal up to 40 meters MSL

    His talk will also cover about Marine transgression and regression on
    Tamilnadu coast which makes habitats to migrate one place to another
    and dynasties intrusion with other areas which are clearly indicated
    in our Literature.

    How hills are connected with Occean and how estuaries are saving the
    Coastal AreasHe will explain 'Capacity Building' and how e-
    communication has helped him network with people How is research helps
    Tamilscholars, archealogists, historians and cartographers to prove
    Tamilnadu is one of the origin of ancient civilization.

    He will also discuss the methodology used for this survey.

    About the speaker and
    the programme

    Thiru Balasubramani B+ ve is a very different kind of person, whose
    enthusiasm for his work and for his culture could be infectious.

    Starting with maintenance of numerically-controlled machines to
    searching for lost cities along the Tamil coast is a long way.

    He crossed boundaries of professional fields with ease and crosses
    social barriers with equal felicity. He is also highly creative, not
    in art, but in approaching matters of human interest. His interaction
    with the Tamils around when he travels outside Tamilnadu, which he has
    been doing very frequently and his establishing rapport with the
    coastal community and learning form the people, are a few examples of
    his novel approach.

    That he could attract the attention of Orissan royalty and the
    resulting friendship with it is another dimension of his personality.

    Adding B+ to his name to make people apprecte the need for blood
    donation is born out his this creative trait of his.

    Let us only site a few aspects of this multifaceted personality. A
    graduate of physics, through self-study a associate member in
    mechanical engineering and member in many forum associated with field
    of intrest

    his moving to Orissa in 1989 was a turning point for him, for it
    kindled his interest on the Orissan culture.

    He felt that the region had a long and intensive cultural intercourse
    with the Tamil culture.

    Researching into the Kalinga-Tamil relationship was the beginning
    which became his passion for research into the Tamil history.

    His weekly news-letter, Kalinga-Tamil, exploring the 2500-year of
    Tamil history in Orissa and vice versa, became an excellent medium for
    a healthy discourse on the subject.

    This, as well as, almost all his research is self-funded, and this
    indicates his passion for knowledge, for research and for regional

    His present research area could be a new beginning of `Culture through
    Geography, as his calls his work.

    Going beyond the emotional approach to the existence of Lemuria,
    Balasubramaniam B+ve, in addition to the study of literary references,
    conducts experiments on the Tamil coast making use of the traditional
    knowledge of the coastal community.

    He claims, which is important, that the fishermen have a lot to
    contribute towards our knowledge of kadal-kol and how transgression
    and regression in the Tamilnadu coast had affected history, society
    and livelihoods.

    He has been regularly interacting with research students, orienting
    the students for developing import substitutes in earth science
    equipment which will be ultimately help for archaeologist to redefine
    our cultural heritage.

    so for gave around 86 lectures among Archaelogical soceity (AAVANAM),
    Tanjore Tamil university under water archaeology department ,
    Pondicherry university tamil department, Bharathi dasssan university
    remote sensing department, Institute of ocean managemnt Anna
    university, Central polytechnic college marine engineeering department
    Tharamani, Presidency college, Central institue for classical tamil
    conference, Madurai , Dharmapuri and Pondicherry Tamil sangam ,
    Makkal kaaliilakkiya mandram, Adichanallur conferrence , YMCA patti
    madram, Vasakar vattam, and many more in his account

    presently he is consultant on Marine resource mangement doing
    batheymetry survey as well as associated with many NGOS working on
    coastals of india

    S.Balasubramani B+ve
    > 99402 40847

    State Archaeology Director - TS Sridhar - presided over.

    " Marine " Engineer Narasaiah - IIT Prof Swaminathan were among the scholarly circle attended.

    Satheesh - Katherine - Madhukumar from our Group also attended.

    Primarily - Kalinga Balu referred the earlier work and showed his attempt to establish there really exist submerged LANDs in about 15 -30 Km stretch south of Kanyakumari and the fishermen community is helpful and anxious in revealing the past.

    For those who missed, we will plan this Power point again for our group members by the first week of December.

  • Thanks sir I am ready to show reviced version of today PPT with more picture.

    Mr Natarajan sir from anna nagar also present today

    orissa balu 99402 40847
  • It was a fantastic & informative presentation by our dear Kalinga Balu.

    For about one hour he described the informations around all the oceans in
    the world. If one has to understand all the details he covered, this
    presentation should be splitted into 4 or 5 sessions.

    And I met SPS sir, Shri. Narasaiah, Prof. Swaminathan & Katherine today
    during this presentation.
  • Thanks satish i am at chennai since last 1 year

    stays near ramavaram

    I need some one who specialised in PPT,having lot of mateiral but need good hand

    as a field man difficult to be a good presentor

    orissa balu
    99402 40857
  • D/SPS,

    Pl note my name is K.Mathikumar and not Madhukumar ; as you have rightly said
    the session should have been made with larger time frame as Dr .Balu's work is
    of immense nature with lots of documented details which entails more
    interaction on each aspect and appreciation ,

    tnx & wwr
  • I was also present at the presentation today.
    I am also interested to be present at the time of December presentation.

    inform the date and venue

    this mail is sent by prinatgi aj79,ajblock 3rd street
    annanagar, chennai 40. south india. India. Pin code 600040
  • I stand corrected dear Mr. K. Mathikumar.

    I misplaced your card and hence the confusion.

    I sincerely apologise.


    Pls do interact more Sir.

    warm rgds. sps

  • Anna Kannan's Photo andnarration are very nice.v natarajan¬†

    this mail is sent by prinatgi aj79,ajblock 3rd street
    annanagar, chennai 40. south india. India. Pin code 600040
  • Dear
    Kindly inform the date
  • Thanks sir.

    need your comment on my presentation.

    finding difficult to produce all the content in one hour.
    next presentation will be different one

    s.balasubramani B+ve
    99402 40847

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