New Website for Big Temple -
  • Dear Thiru
    thats great can this not be married or incorporated with the which we have already?

    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

  • Please attach this pdf with Big temple website
  • hi thiru

    The layout seems a bit ordinary. can we chose some of the big temple
    inscription stones, yaalis - as background. can we link ponniyin selvan pdf
    from project madurai in the books seciton.

    also we need sections on the multiple facets of chola rule - i will make it
    a point to write about chola bronzes more and add

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