Explaining some complexities in Tamil Literature through Tamil Cinema
  • I have just tried to explain some issues people face with Tamil Literature with respect to authenticity and dating with the help of Tamil Cinema. Reading this post would explain why we need to read works of scholars and not depend on sources like wikipedia!
  • Dear Vairam

    you have put it very nicely.

    even in kabilar there seems to be 2. I have read recently that the Gandaraditya of Thirumurai is not our Chola Gandaraditya but a different one.

    Even in kambar case this confusion exists and that is why i left as - Let us collect all evidence and compile both pre 9th and pre 12th.
  • Date: 4-9-2010

    Anbumihu Thiru Sankaranarayanan,

    Could you very kindly give reference where you read the Gandaraditya of the Thirumurai "is not" our Chola Gandaraditya (Kandaraathiththan).

    Gandaradiya sang a Thiruvisaippa Pathikam (Pathikam = a grouping of ten verses)on God Siva which is included in the 9th Thirumurai.

    In his own Thiruvisaippa he has mentioned about himself as follows in the last verse.

    "....'Koali' venthan 'Thanjaiyar' Koan, kalantha
    aaraa insol Kandaraathiththan, arun Thamil maalai vallaar....."
    peraa ulahit perumaiyodum perinbam eithuvaare....."

    In the above Koali = Uraiyur. Thanjai = Thanjavur. Hence it is clear that the Gandaraditya of the Thirumurai is the same Chola Gandaraditya.

    He has also praised his father the Paranthaha Chola - 1 who paved the roof in gold at Chithambaram as follows, in his same Thiruvisaippa.

    "....Vengkoal venthan 'Then naadum' 'Elamum' konda thiral
    'Sengkoat Cholan' 'Koali venthan' 'Sembian' ponanintha
    angkoal valaiyaar paadi aadum ani Thillai Ambalaththul....."

    Trust the foregoing is of information to you.

    Mikka anbudan

  • Dear Sir,

    It is not my view.

    I will locate and post that article.
  • Date: 4-10-2010

    Anbudaiya Thiru Sankaranarayan,

    This is only a "very friendly" request of mine not a challenge.
    So donot worry to locate and post the article.

    Mikka Anbudan

  • It will posted as alternate views also be studied..
    that will take some time as need to take it.

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