Interview of Chandra in Jaya TV morning hours
  • Interview of Chandra (REACH Chandra @ plasticschandra) in Jaya TV
    morning hours in the program Kalai Malar at 8 or 8.30 (don't remember)
    where a guest is interviewed by two persons on any special issues in the
    country. This programme to be aired on coming Wednesday 1st September
    2010. Those who can understand Tamil can please view this. The topic is
    on saving our heritage and about REACH FOUNDATION and its activities. If
    anything is amiss, the mistake is purely on Chandra (myself) and if
    anything valuable is said, it is because of the upbringing, guidance and
    encouragement by our founder Dr T Satyamurthy and that of knowledge I
    gained from both REACH and PSVP. Please watch and those who can record
    it, may please do so and send a copy by email or CD to REACH address,

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