A story of conservation
  • அரிய பணி செய்தபெரியஉள்ளங்களின்பாதம்பணிந்துவணங்குகிறோம்.

    கலாவதி செங்குட்டுவன்
  • Today I was thrilled to see t his news in the hindu. Half a page article in
    Hindu is a great achivement.

    Kudos to Chandra and Team headed by Dr. Satyamoorthy.

    Thanks Vijay for bringing this up.
  • When I visited Kanchi then this was under covers as restoration was in progress.
    Many sincere thanks to REACH on these efforts and I would surely visit this in
    my next trip to Kanchi.
  • Thanks to all who have appreciated and thanks to Vijay for a good summary. 100 pillar hall and then Vepathur, we have very exciting stuff coming up. For the donation part suggested by members here, the amount can be transferred to REACH account which is available in the files section of the temple_cleaners yahoo group. I would never forget events like members Satish Arunachalam starting to celebrate wedding day and birthdays of his family by sending donations to Uttaramerur work. Members interested can get the bank details from the above mentioned file and also send an individual email to reach.foundation.india@gmail.com mentioning about the net transfer, to enable me get the 80-G IT exemption certificate for those who need that.
  • Request member Kala to resend the message as I am not able to decipher it. Sorry

  • Professionalism and perfection is reflecting upon this monumental work, in every square inch.

    REACH team deserves full praise and appreciation.

    The man who sold his land to support this renovation work is the one who is termed as "Vaazhvangu Vaazhbhavan" by Saint Thiruvalluvar. He is the one who transcends the boundaries of his mortal life.
  • Mr.Chandra / Mr Vijay / Generous land owner.

    Our respectful salutations to the team for the tremendous efforts and wonderful work done.

    Kalavathi Senguttuvan
  • Well said Gokul. I really admire the entire REACH team and the great souls
    behind this monumental work.
    I came to know of the depth of involvement and the hard work put by our dear
    Chandra (ofcourse we all knew this, but this was one such instance) more
    than a year back. When I was in the US, I came home for lunch one day, as I
    missed to take it. Before leaving just glanced in my computer and Skype was
    on (my wife left it logged in after her chat with her parents) and surprised
    to see Chandra online. Pinged him and he responded and we had a good video
    chat for a while.

    And you know what, the time then was around 2AM IST. and chandra was wide
    awake and said this is his usual time and he goes to bed only around 3 and
    gets up at 6. Thats his routine.

    I was dumbfolded at the dedication this guy has and i never miss a chance to
    appreciate and pray for this guy (and ofcourse this team) whenever I think
    of him.

    Kudos to Chandra.
  • We need to support such dedications.
  • Sister,
    Vanakkam, All credit goes toMr.Satyamurthy[Retd.ASI] &then only others, pl. note,
  • Sorry.

    Sir's name was missed inadvertently.

    Sincere apologies.

    Heartfelt wishes and regards to Sri Sathyamoorthy sir.

    Kalavathi Senguttuvan
  • Dear All,

    Can anyone give the contact details of - "V. Venkatakrishnan, agriculturist
    from Uttraramerur, provided the finance for the restoration by selling his
    land" - ?


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