Statue for RRC in Papanasam
  • Friends,There was statue for RRC in Papanasam , after his death ,.An inscription
    in 108 Sivalayam gives the details of the the arrangements for Ayppasi sadayam
    and special honour for the statue of RRC(periya Devar)Please go through the news
    column in todays Dinathanthi,Thanjavur Edition.
  • very much interesting Sir.

    rgds. sps
  • Sir,

    I have already written about this man

    This man - went against the East India Comany's decision on taxing the revenues of Hindu temples.

    1. Had a Dharshan of Sri Ragavendra in mantralayam while accessing the place. Sri Ragavendra came out of Jeeva Samadhi and took him around.

    2. Was a devotee of Tirupati Venkateswara. Still one full "Anda" of curd rice offered to lord every day in his name as " manroe kangalam" from his offerings.

    That man deserves a place in our heart and land.statue.
  • Dear Sir,
    But for this "So called MAN", the land registry and revenue assessment in this area would not have formed.
    To us people living in this period, MAN's contributions has been immense. He was the founder of the revenue system and administrative system which are currently in use. Not that Indians did not have any administrative system earlier, but a well organized, documented system with a central record came into being.
  • When you read about public administration, you will come to know what
    the British has done to the administrative system of India. At point you
    will start believing that they have done lot of good things for us!
  • There are lot of such "Men" List of a few

    1. Man who bulit Periyar Dam by selling all his propoerty inEngaland for the benefit of poor farmers.

    2. Man who built Godavari barrage and irrigation cannals for east and west godavari

    3. A Man called Peter Pandiyan whom Madurai Meenkashi herself helped

    4. A Man who sat thorugh out the night at banks of Madurantagam tank when it was expected to breach - Saw Rama and Lakshmana protecting the tank and constructed the Madurantagam Thayar shirine.

    5. Another Man who spent the whole night when it was raining heavily on the cauver banksand Cauvery was about to breach in Bhavani town. Godess Vedanayaki herself took him out and saved. The opening from which he had darshan is still could be seen in Bhavani

    6. The Various men who spent time on protecting the monuments, read the epigraphs, published ( which we systematically destroyed)

    I know a few. There were so many.

    You can write a book on the " White Tamilans" like "White Mugals"
  • I would request the members attention to the following article in hindu
    Hope this helps us wade through the prejudice we have against a race or a nationality, and look at their contribution to our good.
    Ok, Now let us move to RRC

    Any news on the Sarabhai Museum statue and the Golden Crown Kanchi Mahaswami sent for the RRC statue in Tanjore.

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