• Hi Shash -

    I was browsing the pics you had posted earlier. The following one caught my attention.


    Since it was all brick, did you see any antiquity associated with it ? Most temples of the size in the picture tend to have a granite base, and brick work above it. Any observations/insights?

    By the way, your earlier posting of pictures labeled Panamalai and Pallava temples were indeed very nice. Thanks

    Raj Mutharasan

  • Thanks, Shash. Next time I am around that neighborhood, I will try to investigate further. On the score that it is an Amman temple, it would seem to me that it would be supported by the local village since a long time period. They are unlikely to have any inscriptions as they were not supported (for most part) by the high nobility, but I would hypothesize that some of the Amman temples might predate many large and famous temples. I wonder if anyone in this forum has made a study of Amman temples (meaning small ones in villages), Ellai Kovil (these are protection temples usually built in the outskirts of villages; there was a practise of burying chieftans just outside of town followed by building a temple above with the hope that he would protect the village) and other similar non-major temples. My thoughts are that they link us to antiquity, yet they are living traditions.

    I would be interested in hearing of research that cover the above topic(s).

    Regards, Raj Mutharasan
  • Dear sps& shaw,
    it is a Shivan temple!in KODUKIZHI village,
    you can see some more fotos here,http://picasaweb.google.com/slnvasu/Suraikayur#
    the last 4fotos are of this temple,thanks.
  • Thanks!

    Do you know anything more about this temple, like its age and/or any
    heritage it may have?

    I'd really like to know...
  • Thanks, Hari. Your pictures showed of the sannathi that the foundation was granite stones, at least the interior course, brick further up and most likely exterior course. In essence, not an all brick construction.

    Your collection of othe temples are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.

    Raj Mutharasan

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