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  • Melakadambur temple is also a chariot like structure, the old one of King
    Kulothunga I IN 1110 AD It's situated near
    chidambaram30km-kattumannarkoil(6km). visit [[]]
  • Thanks for the info Mr. Vijayan.

    Yesterday I saw a mandam in ThiruNageshwaram like a Chariot with Wheels but
    no elephant or horse seen.
  • We have now

    1. Kadambur
    2. Nageswaran
    3. Sarangapani
    4. Darasuram

    Intrestingly 2,3 and 4 are in Kumbakonam town itself.
  • Still they are within 5 kms

    Is Konarak pre Kulothunga 1?

    any influence of Kalinga ?
  • Dear Satheesh,
    THere's an album on Picasa under my nickname: 'injamaven' on
    if you care to look. Chariot horses and other wonderful murthis are
    Kathie B.
  • Dear Satheesh,
    Take the paved path behind the main temple, way back. Through another
    That's why my caption says 'we found it!' it really was tricky to find!

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