kadambur temple renovation
  • The great ponniyin selvan story begins in this village, this village encircled by a shivalayam called Amirthakadeshwarar. named because of a drop that turned in to a sivalingam when vinayaga's hiding the Amirtha kalasa in the boologam. its situated near 6km from kattumannarkoil-cuddalore dist.This temple built by the King Kulothunga I in 1110AD . this temple was noted as karakoil in appar devaram so called because the temple is like a chariot like structure. two horses pullin the huge moolasthanam. Its a structural and sculptural beautiful temple. Famous miniature sculptures us.
    This temple takes its 900th year in2010, in this Aani tamil month we desided to start the renovation, encourage us and welcome to kadamur now called Melakadambur. visit [[kadamburtemple.blogspot.com]]
  • Dear Vijay

    Please ensure that the epigraphs, miniature scluptures are protected by taking suggesstion from people. no sand blasting please.

    It is very importatnt to protect the structure in original
  • dear vijay

    This article of Sri Raja Deekshithar is by the far the best tribute that can
    be given to the temple

  • Dear Vijay

    Is there any article on the various temples constructed like a chariot.

    The other one i remeber is Sarangapani temple - Kumbakonam
  • Darasuram is the most famous among the temple built like a chariot.
  • Simillarly one more doubt i have.

    Where as Rajaraja and Rajendra have taken up the construction of a grand temple with a New Moola Murti, the later Kings have chosen an existing temple and renovated as a Master piece.

    Like Darasuram, Tirubhuvanai, Kadamburetc.

    I am not too sure about this and request members to clarify on this.


    thanks for sharing dear Vijay,.


  • Dharasuram is also chariot like - right?

    Four chola temples - SR Balasubrahmanyam

    > Is there any article on the various temples constructed like a chariot.
    > The other one i remeber is Sarangapani temple - Kumbakonam
  • Hi,
    I can think of following chariot temples apart from Kadambur temple:
    1. Konark Sun Temple, Odhisa
    2. Airavateshvara Temple, Darasuram (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/n-9k4ct6fnGO1dDpdo0MwA?feat=directlink)
    3. Nageshwara Temple, Kunbhkonam (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/olP15OvgUvnGa8-X-Cf_ew?feat=directlink)

    I will try to find more similar temples in due course.

  • There is one stone chariot at Hampi, Vitthala temple, attachedare two photographs of this chariot which I took some 4 years back. I haven't yet compiled my Hampi collection as I need to visit this town again for a thorough work on temples.
  • Hi,
    Via web, I got to know that Valluvar Kottam temple at Chennai is also chariot shaped. May some confirm this and about when this was constructed so that I can add this in my intinerary.
  • Valluvar Kottam is chariot shaped.

    It was built either in early 1970s.

  • In Tharamangalam temple, the Gopuram is like a chariot pulled by
    elephants. I will share the photos soon.
  • slight difference - i think the chariot is commonly used to denote both the
    ratham and ther - the temples we are talking off are ratha while the
    Valluvar kottam structure is a ther

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