cheyyar vedapuriswarar - Lord of the Universe
  • There is a beautiful sannidhi of Lord Shiva at this temple. He will sit in a Linga form over Snake over elephant over turtle over fish. Meaning he is Lord of the Universe.....

  • Rajendra Back ?!

    how did I miss to take note !

    nice to hear from you.

    thanks and regards / sps
  • I think there is also a Muruga temple in cheyyar. Ramnath shared some curious sculptures in this temple. Anybody visited?

  • Dear Gokul
    Thank you very much for the additional information of murugan temple at cheyyar.
  • Dear Rajendara,
    Thank you very much for your information. Thank you sir,
  • Dear SPS,
    Thnak you very for your kind help in getting vedapurisvarar temple.

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