• maa vandhanamulu...too

    spare a thought for the master sculptors and craftsmen who worked on this
    great temple as well.
  • Greetings to ALL on the occasion of celebration of 1000th year of
  • //Construction of any building is banned within 100 meters of the Protected
    and construction only after permission between 100 - 200 meters etc.//

    Rules are being broken...Anaimalai hills with the historical 'Samana
    padugais' is being broken down for granite quarrying. Bombs are being
    exploded to break the hill will might affect the 1000 yaer old
  • Indian Science Monitor is opening its Archeological engineering web site today on 22.4.2010 by the Hon'ble minister Thangam Thennarasu at Press Club hall TODAY by 4 pm. Interested members please attend without fail. Dr Satyamurthy of Reach FOUNDATION is talking with a power point presentation of the engg marvels of Big temple after the web site inauguration. All please attend.


    The detailed invitation is seen in REACH's web site shown below:

  • It is so much coincidental that ISM conducted a Press meet re Construction aspects of the Big Temple in which the power point was presented by Dr. Sathyamurthy. The function was presided over by Hon'ble Minister Thangam Thennarasu.

    our Sriram and PN Subramanian from Front line also attended.

    Plastic (REACH) Chandra handled the slide-show.

    Re PRESERVATION OF ANCIENT MURALs (HERBAL PAINTINGs) was also discussed (as appeared in Media reports this morning that HRCE will be taking efforts to protect Murals (unlike Thiruppulivanam !).

    Pulavar Mahadevan who declared the date 22.4.1010 as 275th day of 25th year of RRC also spoke over phone.

    He said together we all will conduct a function.

    July 12th is indicated for such function in Chennai (after Chemmozhi maanadu) to be co-hosted by ISM - REACH - Pulavar Mahadevan and ofcourse by our PS Group also.

    Will revert with more details during course of June.


  • Thiru Ku. Baa's Tanjai Temple short book has been e.published at THF today.

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