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  • Hello Sruthi,
    Thanks for creating mail flow again ..
    I have been reading PS for the past 20 years - every alternative
    year - may be 10 times. Still do not remember event by event or all
    the characters. But we have been discussing whenever there is

    Rajaraja (RR) is the Greatest of all times because :
    CHOLAS permitted DEMOCRACY in MONARCHY (People's Rule under King's
    Rule) which no-one - including the all-times Greats like Emperor
    Ashoka, Alexander or the Never-Sun-setting British Monarchy else had
    done! Uthiramerur inscriptions speak volumes of the restrictions on
    candidates - even more strict than present Election Commission - who
    contested for Panchayats - members of whom were selected by the
    KUDAVOLAI murai!

    How Panchayats come to play a role when the King is ruling a State?

    Because King has permitted people ro rule themselves at Panchayat

    RR streamlined everything: In 1001 AD he surveyed his entire Kingdom
    to greatest accuracy! In 1004, he laid his armouries and laid
    foundation to construct Big Temple. He is seen going a beard
    afterwards. In 1006, Rajendra helped his sister- Kundavi's husband
    Vimaladithan to regain Chalukya Throne. He took 900000 (Nine Lakh)
    Warriors with him and conquered. Brought huge booty to Thanjai for
    Big Temple construction. In 1010 consecration of Big Temple took
    place. They permitted construction of Buddha Temple in Nagapatnam
    also. In 1012 Rajendra ascended to the Chozha Thorne. In 1013 RR &
    his Queen Danthisakthividangi @ Olagamadevi entered the Golden Cow
    (Hiranyakarbam) & performed Thulabaram (gave Gold coins for
    equivalent weight) to avoid rebirth in Thiruvisaloor. In 1014, RR
    passed away. In 1015, Rajendra performed the first Death anniversary
    rituals of RR at Thiruvalan-chuzhi (2 miles North of Pazhayarai) by
    entering a mount of Thilam. Olagamadevi lived for some more years.
    RR had eleven wives but Rajendra was his only son. No other
    contender to the Throne! Two daughters - Naduvirpenn @ Ammangadevi
    and Kundavi.

    Rajendra married his aunt Kundavi + Vandhiyathevan's daughter..
    Their daughter branch of family in the third generation was later
    known as Kulothungan (Telugu Chozhas!)who ascended to Chozha throne!

    RR found Thevarams. Renovated & constructed several temples.
    Expanded his empire upto Krishna to Kumari & conquered Lanka.
    Very much devoted to Appar & Sundarar. Might have had the ambition
    of seeing Kailasam (like Cheraman Perumal Nayanar with the help of
    Sundarar). This concept is repeated in several portraits and statues.

    There is no logical reason for him to have thought about suicide.
    Some where it was wrongly mentioned that he had black leprosy. This
    is also false. He became SIVAPADHASEKARAN.

    Actually Kalki's description of Mahendra Pallavan as Sivanadiar in
    Sivakamiyin Sabadham is more on the lines of Rajaraja... RR +
    Rajendra AND Mahendra + Narasihma are formidable duos (father & son)
    in the South Indian History!

    Fondly, SB
  • Dear SB
    that was a great wealth of info
    did Rajendra marry VD and Kunthavai's daughther....If so the great mind of Kundavai and heroic traits of VD with the genes of RR must have made a deadly combination but that really wsnt the case 2was it?

    Second my understanding the Kulothunga linaeage is from the Vimalathithan nexus and east Chalukya lineage

    Please Clarify
  • dear SB

    I have attached a line diagram of where the bronze statue and kodikambam statues are for you to see the next time you are in thanjai
  • Sri,

    Can you put this in file section. Web only subscribers won't be able
    to see it.
  • oh i dont think it is that important do you
  • Sri,

    I also dont know where exactly are the statues u r referring to.. Thats why
    thought of knowing it and look for when I go to Periyakoil.


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