Can anybody clear my doubt????
  • Hi to everybody,

    I am sruthi....! New to Ponniyinselvan Group..! Can anybody tell me howmany times u read ponniyinselvan..? I read it from my school days(from my 10th std) to tillnow...(i.e., doing final yr B.E degree).I think i'll be in the last place when compared to u'rs(u all) experience...!

    Anyhow.. Please give me the answer for this question(plz..!)::

    Qn: My mom told that Rajaraja chozhan(ponniyin selvan) died because of suicide....(jumping away from the temple tower of tanjore)....
    Is it true???
  • Hi Sruthi,

    It is baseless. Rajaraja was at the peak of his success towards his
    end and there was no need for him to commit suicide and all that :-))

    He lived a great life and rested in peace.

    But rumours like this are not new. Till the beginning of last
    century people did'nt even know that there was a great king called
    rajaraja. Periyakoil was thought to have been built by kirumi kanda
    chola - a king we are unable to identify with certainity.
  • Heyy =)
    hmm as I have only read the Ponniyin Selvan after it came out in English, I have read it twice a year for 2 years... so 4 times if i can multiply ;)

    i too would like to know the outcome of ponniyin selvan

  • Hi Sruthi,

    RR's Death is not a sucide.. It's natural. Before his death he made Rajesndaran as king
    and died in his own FORT.
  • Dear Sruthi

    I started PS in fourth standard and have read it every final exam time sometimes before(stress releif) sometimes afterwards....and am doing it on a annual basis ..if you included the two times for proofing the online PS...

    It is around 24 times hopefully when i finish reading it for my wife.and ll be 25 times
  • Hi sruti,
    I read Ponniyin selvan in 1986.
    No to the later question


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  • Hey 123...

    > Pavi, remember the trick ;) Lemme try it out sometime when I
    return to India :)) Till then, don't tell it to anyone. It shouldn't
    happen that I don't even get a book to implement my trick :))

    I remember it - but I'm keeping it safe, for the present:-))
  • Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a Guy called Krupa. Hovering 2002 September 2002, he
    resigned his job in Chennai and joined a so called big company in Bangalore....yes, myself.

    It would be almost two years back if anyone read this one six months after from now. ;-). When I was in
    Bangalore, unfortunately therw was all those Cauvery water problem, Tamil Cinema show ban, no thamizh
    channels (in TV) and all that.

    With my fractured English and thoda thoda Hindi, I was nearly starving to hear Tamizh those days...only
    relief was some thamizh magazines.

    One of my room-mates was constantantly engaged in reading "an interesting novel." He even said he
    reads it "occasionally"-meaning it was not the first time he was "engaged in reading". He said the Novel is
    called "Ponniyin Selvan", written by one "Kalki".

    It did not thrill me much... after all, Kalki owned a magazine. He is the one who shall write in his own
    magazine. As his magazine was popular, maybe this Novel too became so. Old novel...Raja Raani kadhai.
    adhai yellaam padikka porumai vaenum naraya. I used to generally smile whenever I saw him with the
    book in his hand as I enter the house.

    Both of us were in different shifts. So one fine morning when I was in day shift, it so happened that
    I "did touch" the book. Finally, I managed myself to convince to start reading the book...okay, Let me try a
    few chapters until my shift starts..."

    And yes, that decision changed my life. I could not stop myself. Unfortunately, he brought only one part
    every week from his house (from Erode to Bangalore). And I will be longing for the next part to arrive
    every Monday.

    Now it was the turn of my other room-mates....they started to tease me seeing me like a statue with the
    book all day long. Apparently one room mate (Orissa) even started commenting my "sincerity". hmmm....
    how could they have known that I was enjoying the contemplation identifying my personality..whether it is
    Saendhan Amudhan or could it really be VandhiyaDevan. :-)

    And they have nearly to drag me to the office when second shift starts - so nice that they managed me to
    pull myself through off the book and take me to the office. ;-)

    That is it!

    Then one day (in Bangalore itself), I casually searched for "ponniyinselvan" in google. It linked me to a
    discussion thread in "forumhub", from where I came to know about this group...Ram said that he "has
    regiestered a group for ponniyinselvan in Yahoo".

    apparam, apparam, apparam...poadhum. idhukku maela "blade" poattaa, Yahoo! server-kkey porukkaadhu. ;-)


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