Why do we need to know about chola history
  • hi friends

    I would like to know you views on why we need to know about chola history.
    what are their significant contributions.
  • can we take a week to compile and list them.
  • "Setta varalaaru"? If that's the case, Egypt and Greece have an even more
    "setta varalaaru" (not to mention Rome). At least our culture is continuous
    for thousands of years

    My reasons would be many, but I'll give you a few right now (in no
    particular order)...

    *) Those piles of stones so artistically and aesthetically put together and
    carved; isn't it fascinating to know who did it and why?
    *) What they did, and didn't do is part of history. Those who don't study
    history WILL repeat it. Therefore it is a matter of self-preservation to
    study history, and especially the history of the place we live in. For
    example, it was only by studying Kallanai that the British were able to
    maintain, expand and improve on the irrigation system of the Delta.
    Similarly, our system of aeris, kuttais, kulams and the like, one leading
    into the other is still an important part of the landscape. To preserve our
    way of life, we must study the past.
    *) Losing our heritage, like so many other countries have, will lead to us
    becoming carbon copies of other countries, with cultures that don't fit the
    landscape. Do we really want that?
    *) Ancestor worship is the oldest human religion. We're just carrying it a
    little further and with a little more knowledge! ;)

    I'd sum up this way: We have something unique, which many peoples have lost,
    and are now desperately searching for. We've already lost a lot of what we
    had, and that's natural. But do we want to lose it all, and then search like
    everyone else?
  • Can we summarise under broad thread

    Contributions to literature
    Contributions to culture
    contributions to art
    contributions to architecture
    contributions to religion

    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man
  • i think the broader question is also - did kalki create a larger than life
    image for say a Raja Raja or Mahendra pallava or Narasimha Pallava - are we
    in awe of them as we are impacted by his writing. How do common people, men
    on the road,visitors to tanjore big temple or someone who sees a chola
    bronze in a museum - or visitor to mallai. What emotions are evoked in them.
    Is there a thirst kindered among these people to find out more about the
    creators of these or do they just see and leave.

    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man
  • Dear Vijay,

    That is good suggestion.

    We can enlist... with reference books/ sources.

    so that it will serve for quick verification.




    Culture - not included in the above 3.

    Serialise the mails.

    rgds/ sps
  • Vijay,

    A good question, but you might very well know the answer. The common man on
    the road has least idea about who RRC is or what is what, forget history.

    In decemeber end, I visited the chennai tourism and industrial exhibition in
    'theevu thidal'. By Mr.Irayanbu IAS' direction, the set at the tourism dept.
    was great (mallai replica).

    Also there was a good replica of tanjai big temple at a stage where
    culturals are performed. One group of people (looked like villagers) passed
    by me near the tanjai replica stage and I heard one saying ' this is
    mahabalipuram koil. I know very well because I visit that place quite

    So this is how a common man perceives... :)
  • Dear sir

    also include

    1. Social welfare

    2. Administartion

    3. Election - kudavolai murai

    4. Delivery of justice
  • satish

    do you mean to say that common man realises the similarity in structures of maamallapuram and tanjavur big temple and feels that tanjai periya koil architecture is derived from maamallapuram..

    appo nalla vishayam dhaane ppa.. tamizh samoogam is always "arivu saarndha samooham" ngradhu proved here (tamil society has always been an intellectual oriented one)...

    kalakkare satish....
  • Vj sir,

    During my thevara sthalam visits, in Vadugur ( Villupuram Pondy road) an old temple guardwho guided me in the temple , explained me that that temple tower is also a replica of tanjore tower. That time my intrest was more on religion and i did not know that need to collect more info on history.

    Simillarly in Panayapuram ( Puravar panamkattur. ie in the bypass towards panruti brnching from GST) the ambal gopuram wasexplained to me in the same manner by that temple watch manas a big temple replica.

    The older generation had lot of information and we are loosing them. Next time when you are going that side include these temples in your research. I could not add much on this but passing you the oral tradition to explore.
  • hi sankar

    Please dont sir me. vj is perfectly fine. Its very important to note here -
    the Vimanam and gopuram differences. This also follows the need to document
    these beauties. With todays technology ( digital cameras n practically nil
    cost for sharing across the net) - its very well within us to do so. Most of
    us take photos infront of these monuments, it just takes a few more seconds
    to take it without posing in front as well - maybe a few good angles to more
    clearly bring out the beauty - a few props to show the sense of size
    proportion. If only each one of us, do this - we can easily build an online
    catalogue in a short span
  • Sure Vijay. Both were Vimanas. The Panayapuram, i clearly remeber is of Sudai. Vadugu, i dont remember. But will take phots during my next visit.
  • Hello Friends, In order to save our history from becoming a "setha" history,
    we need to educate our children and grand children. We have to create the
    interest early enough. Perhaps someone gifted should start writting a
    children's book about our history. We got plenty of true incidents to write
  • PAVITHRA SRINIVASAN one of the earliest members (since 2002) in our Group is already writing such works for the children - through Chandamama publications.

    Anto peter of tamilheritage group (office at 117 Nelson Manickam Rd, Chennai)- through his visual communication company - has brought out several CDs in this regard - meant for children.

    I purchased some in the Book fair last month dear Chris paulraj.

    thanks and regards / sps

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