Reenovation but at what cost??!!
  • This was the first temple I ever happened to visit as part of the REACH
    foundation in 2006... I still remember vividly... We saw two stones with
    inscriptions lying next to the well... and the mandapam renovation thing -
    this is not the first time... even back then we were told that during the
    earlier renovation, madapam renovation been done with such stones (possibly
    with inscriptions) buried under the floor for 'rising' the height of the

    sad state of affairs...
  • Dear Madhan,

    after a long time..

    A renowned scholar suggested ::

    post your objections in writing and send by Registered post with AD.

    Atleast it will be useful to refer later.

    We will simply follow this procedure to begin with.

    thanks and regards . sps

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