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  • Dear SPS Sir,
    - Thanjai) Inscriptions that talks about Sembian Madevi and Uthama chola. Kindly clarify, in which temple in Papanasam these inscriptions are found? Also specify the significance of papanasam in chola history.
    As far as i know, the oldest temple in Papanasam is Palaivananathar temple at Thirupalathurai, which was built by Thanjavur Nayakars. Also, there is a grand granery in this temple, which i heard is the second largest in the world. Please validate this also.
  • Will let you know the details after referring SI volumes within 2 - 3 days dear RS Pandian.

    > As far as i know, the oldest temple in Papanasam is Palaivananathar temple at Thirupalathurai, which was built by Thanjavur Nayakars.

    Do you know in 108 Sivalayam which we all consider - recent one - there are two old inscriptions in Ambal Sannidi entrance Slabs. (painted red when I saw 2 years back ).

    Also another interesting detail is there ::

    Aditha Suriyan was RRC's Bronze specilist. He also made a Sculpture of Suriya during RRC period - presiumably the FIRST SUN GOD SCULPTIRE - as stated by SRB in his book.

    This he installed in CHAKRAPALLI Siva temple .. About 10 years back when I visited the temple - the key was with a local Muslim who leased the Thennanthope and he guided me into the temple !

    Surya was not there ! a small contemporary piece was lying on the ground..

    Later on - about 5 years back - I found a TALL SURYA (Presumably taller than Suriynanar temple , Aduthurai) in the rear row of Papanasam 108 Sivalayam !

    Mostly this should be Aditha Suriyan's " Suriyan " Dated Older than Suriyanar Temple.

    I gave the details of the related inscriptions etc. to the Gurukkal ( Easana Siva pandithar is denoted as Gurukkal in Thanjai RjC inscription !) and Temple official to propogate this..

    But I think they are not aware of the significance.

    In Papanasam another famous inscription speaks of RRC @ PERIA PERUMAL watching certain function (Celebrations of Aippasai Sadhayam) in RjC's 8th year. ! Periya perumal was adorned with Uruma.. (Thalaippagai !!) We can see that system in Thyagaraja, Thiruvarur also ! (another RjC special temple).

    thanks for your kind interest.

    regards /sps (pls drop Sir )
  • Dear SPS,

    Thanks for the useful info.
    Very much interested to visit 108 Sivalayam.
    Also waiting for ur further details on Papanasam Inscriptions.
  • Dear sps,
    1.Thiruppalaithurai Sivalayam,belongs to chola's .Inscriptions and the sculptures are the proof.Tnj Nayaks renovated and added Rajagopuram,granery(Kalanjiyam) etc.63 Nayanmars( few are lost) chola's sculptures with names inscribed at the bottem are in the northern prakaram,a rare thing.
    2.108 Sivalayam.
    According to Nallur and Papanasam Srinivasaperumal temples, inscriptions ,there existed a temple for Visveswara Devar to the north of Nallur.It means a very big one, belongs to13th century. But there is no sign of evidence.Almost all the stones were used to construct the perumal temple.Simillarly in Rajakesari Chadurvedimangalam (Rajagiri)also a siva temple was lost.The remains there might have brought and placed here in later days.The big sivalingam here is itself a proof.(Viswam means ,very big or whole)Amman temple inscriptions records the Ayppasi Sadhayavizha details
    The place where the temple stands is called Kanchimedu,may be Kachipedu, which leads to the conclution thatit is originally a pallava temple.(eg.Kachipettu periyathali)
    I had written in Dinamani Sudar in 1981a detailed history of this temple. It was my very first article in the prees media. There I pointed out that this is the very first temple for Suryadeva. Still now we can see the chola's Suryadeva in a half broken condition.No doubt,this is prior to Kudanthai Nageswaran,and Suryanar Koil temples.
  • Very nice dear Selvaraj Sir.

    Is it possible to get that article again ?

    Pls do write more on the inscriptions around this area.

    thanks and regards . sps

  • Is it my dear friend - Senior member Raj Pandian bangalore - by any chance ?


  • Dear All,
    In 108 Shivalayam, the nandi is said to be KAMADHENU,!! Anyone visited &found such??
  • Dear SPS, i'm not the senior member u r looking for. I joined the group only last month.
  • dear RS Pandian,

    thank you for clarifying.

    That is Raj Pandian.

    anbudan / sps
  • Dear Selvaraj,

    Please mention what the inscriptions at Thirupalaithurai temple says. And by which chola emperor the temple was built?

    If possible, pls provide the article u wrote in Dinamani Sudar.

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