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  • Dear friends,

    I could not see our group mails for sometime now.

    Hearing that more focus is on now Hinduism and related subjects- as all along our focus has been on History and Literature - more related to Kalki / his works / places re these. Our Homepage has been outlining these objectives while enroling memebership.

    To cater the needs of sharing more informations re Hindism and other religeous subjects, another Group has also been formed.


    We can discuss religion related matters more over there providing link to PSVP to begin with.

    Recently during Solar ecliple, in Thirunageswaram a cobra reportedly plucked some Vilva leaves climbing the nearby tree and put it over the Sivalingam - which has been photographed.

    This occured near Thirunageswaram (Siva temple known for Raghu - Cobra allied) .. THEPPRUMA NALLUR.

    There are lots of such details spread over in various places.

    Can compile and bring them under one roof.

    Planning to invite kumbakonamtemples group also to merge so that we will be able t provide more authentic informations - religeous coupled with historical - re temples in Southern Tamilnadu - to begin with in Cauvery belt.

    pls enrol.

    in PSVP let us concentrate more on History and Literature and post the links for the detailed discussion in


    Though named thirumuraithalam - we will discuss details of DIVADESAMs too.

    regards / sps

  • SPS sir:
    Pardon me for asking very simple questions. But please do entertain me. 1) What is "history"?
    2) And what do we discuss under history?
    3) Can we study history and learn something from it?
  • cussion is not on informative religious posts but more about debating on religion.

    That too of late (past month or so) an overwhelming number of posts have been side tracked to religious issues and have been noticed by lot of people.

    Sri has put out an opinion poll. IMHO ther are only two ways to clear this up - one is by somewhat strict moderation which takes lot of time. Two is by members just avoiding response to posts that you know from experience are from members or from people one does not see eye to eye with very often. I feel two is only practical. The only hassle is when people post utter nonsense like museum stuff is all looted or like Ravi said matters on current issues on which they are very poorly informed.

    As far as possible i will try avoiding those also. I have a mental image of Fox channel in my mind which by the way is a news channel in the states that is highly right wing and puts a religious slant on everything. I know those members who are 'fox' channels here. Avoid them. End.

  • Some of the museum stuff is definitely obtained by unethical means,
    knowingly or unknowingly from looters, smugglers, carted off by zealous
    archaeologists as trophies or for financial gains. Countries like India,
    and Egypt are keen to get back their legitimate treasures, held by the
    museums, governments and private collectors. Of course, no museum will
    give the 'trail' of treasures it holds.Sampath
  • Hi Grs

    if you closely observe the pattern of these debates on religion, it has always been your message which has inflamed tensions.
    i traced them after a member pointed it out.
    i attributed it to a time differnce when you operate much after the discussions have cooled down
    just thought I would let you know.

  • Hi maloo
    there are two ways to have every one have a say

    either we open up a new channel for such discussion on religion or with some lateral thinking why dont we open a seperate channel for history related discussions
    i think its time to take a call.
  • Dear all
    read the various veiwponits..not sure if I should respond
    SPS sirgood idea..I am not against learning about our religeon..a good example is gandhiram's posts...the discuss on temple faces...

    we are probably one of the few groups without much moderation but when messages are posted in NALOORAN fashion read dhivakars thiumalai tirudan that's when it becomes a newsense
    I think we stick to what we love..if people don't like it they can believe in what they like and post in religious forum
    Kind regard

    To: ponniyinselvan@yahoogroups.com
  • Yes Venkat - I agree.
  • I object to the "always" me starting or inflaming tensions. Since you have been candid, let me be candid too. Unlike some of the other moderators, who clearly say religion is not for this group; you say that and as a passing shot add your views on Hindus or Hinduism or points against other posters too.

    So that is the background; I consider all discussions can be done in a mature fashion as long as we are courteous and back our claims with references. Hence when there was a need to provide some of the data points; I went and researched my information and provided the links.

    So there was a delay on my part; but I consider the onus on me to back up my views where ever necessary with links and reference data. So I spent sufficient time to pull out the links and read them. You call it homework or intellectual honesty. Adhu tupPA?

    It is very amusing to watch members talking about "secularism" in a yahoo group. I think some of them do not know the history of the word, its origins.

    The matter is really simple, like I have said so many times - no religious discussion. Look at SPS saar's post or say even Sridhar saar's emails; they don't take passing shots at other members or other points when expressing the group policy.

    If the pseudo-seculars (people who do not know or understand secularism) and moderators take passing shots; then people are bound to reply - like this reply of me to you. You had emailed me in private, and I had replied to you in private; but then you come and accuse me in public. So I take the public route too. No hard feelings.

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