book fair jan 1st
  • some of our members are visiting the bookfair on jan1st 11.30 am

    please join us if convenient
    my number is 9444205292-
  • Hi,

    Me and KNS are in.

    (My number:  97909 87713)
  • Just returned from KANCHI.

    Hope the first round visit to book fair went on well.

    greetings. sps

  • Incidently dropped all my earlier plan and made it to the book fair
    yesterday. Initially was planning to go to Kanchi but dropped the idea as it
    dawned on me that its newyear combined with Thiruvadirai and hence all
    temples will be madly crowded. So planned for book fair and saw Venkats mail
    only just before leaving. By the time i reached, venkat and siva had alredy
    left, but was thrilled to see Muruganandam, Madan, his wife shilpa and KNS
    at the book fair. Was pleased to meet KNS for the first time. He had come
    all the way from bangalore for the book fair.

    Somehow I feel, the book fair lost its charm after the venue change. I feel
    more comfortable with QMC venue :(

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