Thiruchendur Uthsavar
  • Friends,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010.
    Hope our dignified and learned members will continue their healthy and valuable arguments and discussions on our forefathers' history that will enrich our glory.

    Some 30 years back I visited Pallavaneeswaram temple at Sayavanam very near to Poompuhar.There I was stunned to see a very very beautiful icon Lord Muruga with bow and arrow.It was told that this idol was caught in a fisherman's net in the sea and placed here though it has no connection to this temple.It is believed that originally it was uthsavamurthy in Thiruchendur temple. Another version is,when Thiruchendur temple was in threat it was brought here by a country boat for safety and remained here permanently This is for your information
  • There is one Right in Thiru Erakam (Swami malai).
    Facing east in the mid level under the mandapam. Muruga on the peacock with Bow and Arrow, even mustache I believe :)

    - R
  • the thirupporur utsavar, one near neyveli ( forgot the name) also having vel
  • Dear Satheesh,
    Have you seen Murugan with Sanku and Chakram? You can see Him with Sanku and Chakra near Nachiarkoil, on the way from Kumbakonam .(may be some exchange offer from his Uncle)
  • Dear Vishwak sir,

    I have heard this but never seen, hope our Vj has the picture of Muruga with
    Sangu Chakra.

    Exchange offer means anywhere vishnu with Vel? ;-)

    In thiruvaiyaaru temple also we have villenthiya velar with Valli &
    Theivanai, a very good sculpture.
  • The place is called Thiruputhur. ( Arisirkarai putur in thevaram to diiferentiate it fro pandi nattu tiruppattur)
  • I have not seen this, i have observed Nachiar kovil well enough, but may be i missed it, next time may be. I would be surprised to find Muruga inside a vaishnavite temple though.
    Memo to me: Next visit Nachiyar temple :-)

    One word though, many places , Muruga has a japa mala (similar to the one in Chendur), that is circular and held in a mode similar to chakra, it could mislead as Chakra (Thiruporur for ex) . The mala denotes the counting of Yuga's.

    One place where Muruga DOES have the Sudarshana is Thiruthani... though not in hand but on his chest. Every day, as a practice, sandhanam (sandal paste) is kept on the chest to give the lord a soothing effect. I think you can also get some of it if you ask.

    Legend: It was supposed to have got to Muruga after the battle with Tharakasuran, vishnu is said to have procured it from the Lord at Thiruthani.

    - R
  • Cheyyur murugan temple has a beautifulsculpture of Murugan with a¬†Bow and an Arrow. There are 6 different poses of murugan there. Unique posture was a Nritana murugan with a lotus bud in his hand in a dancing posture.
  • Murugan as a kurinji kadavul is portrayed with a bow and arrow (more symbolic to the hunter and not the warrior).
    Usually this sort of depiction is kept/found outside the temple (at least in places where I have observed) and not inside due the caste systems at those medieval times, people who were not allowed inside the temple would be able to pray here and based on the main community that offers their prayers, he has a bow and arrow.

    - R
  • HI Ravi,

    Cheyyur is in the plains, between Madhurantakam and ECR. Vanniyars are the majority community there. Do try to add this temple to your list for your next india visit. Cheyyur like Uttiramerur was on an ancient trade route. Uttiramerur is between Kanchi and Vandavasi. cheyyur links Alambarai or Al-hambraand/or Sadrasto Vandavasi.
  • Dear Satheesh
    Murugan with sanku and chakram is at Azhaghaputhur, 5 kms from Kumbakonam, just before Nachiarkoil. I will try to send the photograph soon. -exchange offer- I said just for fun. But it is true also. Kallazhagar of Madurai goes every yearto Pari Vettai with velayutham. Iwill try to get that photo also.
    (Another matter about Chendur,I have to say. If you close your eyes and sit in the Shanmuga Vilasam of Chendur, you will feel the calmness of mind immediately. Even now, after so many yearsI wonder about that feel)
  • Yep, thanks - on the memo already :-)
    Never the less, it does look like a hunter god on the picture and is on the outside wall, which does validate the theory.

    Murugan, however, does have the bow / arrow as an additional weapon when he has the 12 hands. His primary being the spear.

    - R
  • Thanks for the info sir,

    This time while coming to thanjai, will visit azhagaputhur, nachiyar koil &
    chendur too. I will tell you whether I am getting the same feeling.

    PADIKKASU PULAVAR (who kept a copper coin in the night which turned gold next day) LIVED HERE.



  • Sir, it is called AZHAGAPUTHUR now,thanks.
  • Sir, it is before nachiarkoil fromKumbakonam-nachiarkoil route,
  • There are few aspects of Subrahmanya which are supposed to carry Chakra and Shanku like Senapati, Karthikeya, Shanmuka, Senani. Most specification for Chakra and Shanku comes from Sritatvanidhi.
    Sritatvanidhi being a later book (19th Century), I guess should have included the in vogue features.
  • Dear SPS Sir,
    Azhagaputhur is correct. Not Alangaputhur. Originally it was Arisil Karai Puthur.(ie. Puthur on Arisilatrankarai). And itis just before Nachiarkoil.

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