Pillayarpatti, who built it?
  • Dear all

    Is it possible for any shilpi to mention his name without mentioning the king's name?

    Only if he had not taken any royal patronage.

    Is it possible to have a such a big cave without a royal patronage? ( 60% of the cave is not visible for public now. )

    Did the cave existed before ( natural/or abandoned)and the shilpi had just carved the Vinayaka alone. Then it is possible.

    Or he simply signed on somebody's cave.( Like 23rd Pulikesi.After 100 years who knows?)Then the cave date goes further back.
  • Dear venkatesh sir,Along with this discussion ,can u tell me what happend to jatavarman sundara pandiyan ,after the war with khiji rulers, did he survived and also brief me about last chozhan king rajendra.
  • Hi

    veera pandiyan moved south propably to tenkasi
    sundara pandiyan was also given some territory.
    a new king parakrama mostly sundara pandya's son was crowned as a compromise candidate.

    after a brief time the chera king baskara kulasekaran who was sundaras nephew claimed the pandya throne thro the matrineal lineage and even crowned himself on the banks of river vegavati

    but i think the three pandya kings united and drove him off

    soon the second invasion from delhi led by ulugh khan destroyed the pandyan kingdom. parakrama was killed. we have no info about sundara but veera seemed to have lived longer in tenkasi side.
    his descendants ruled till they were dislodged by the poligars of the vijayanagar. kattabommans anscestor was one.
  • Dear Historians, Yesterday i attended a 'balalayam' function in a small village PUTHALUR nar Nannilam, there i found a diffrent DAKSHINAMURTHY in IYAPPA posture!!
    They call it Yoga-dakshinamurthy!
    The intresting thing is inscriptions are found on back of this idol!!!!.
    fotos attached, pl. go through &let us know the details of KALVETTU,
    Thanks, VASU.
  • Dear venkatesh sir,
    Thanks ,
    It was quit intersting, can u tell why the civil war broke out and why khiji rulers invaded, i have read in a article, only because of pandians dispute ,khiji ruler was brought in by one of the pandiyan.

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