• Dear,

    Presently mails are flowing on:

    Films on Acharyas , Gita ...
    Vipranarayana @ Urangavillidasan @ Thondaradippodi (Balakumaran wrote
    a book on this topic also)....
    Srirangam Ranganatha's eyes ...

    Most of our group members are silent...?!

    Ennachu? Fondly, SB
  • dears,

    the silence is due to the nature of topics as rightly
    pointed out... i do not know anything about the topic
    that are being discussed... so not willing to
    comment....njoying it in silence as a passive

    with regards
  • Dear Dr JB,SB and others

    There are many reasons for people not participating.
    1.They may be very me I am leaving home at 6.30am and comeback at 10.30 and the lists are hectic with no time for any break but I still see my mails every morning as I have my coffee

    2.They may not have the knowledge to contribute and may just be realistic people than send a mail saying WOW that is just silent spectators

    3.They are not interested in the discussions because most ofthe time the thread doesnt reach a formal conclusion just withers away.....or starts and no one follws up....there are a few like that in recent times ofcourse Dr Jaybee has said he ll post the Kanthaloor Salai after he returns home...Kamals Quiz......Periyakoil Saram ...just to name a few...

    4.Different people have different levels of need and interests and one cannot force someone elses interests .this has happened to different groups...You may have noticed that regular contributors have dissappeared from the scene.I beleive you should be pitching at the level of audience. You cannot talk about the intergalactic wars of starwars to a 3 year old you can only tell them patti vadai sutta kathai(well the level of three year olds is much better than that nowaadys)

    5.Being categorical about netters today I take that comment with severe reservation.While most youth spend their time reading about cinema and cricket atleast our youth have a better interest and are discussing literature and history and that is not a very encouraging statement Sir with due respect.

    6.I think contributions should be point in forcing it the yathirai or discussions

    7.My only fear is we should not be making people change their staus from daily mails to digest to I ll visit the states and then we definitely will loose participation.

    I think these are the reasons for the drop in activity from december to january

    We ll try to improvise on these.
  • yeppaa...!!!!!

    yellaa Digest-yum naan padichchundhudhaan
    irukkane...ushaar. ;-)


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