Ganapathi is indeed mentioned in Thevaram at 2 places
  • Dear Friends

    Ganapathi is mentioned in 2 Places in Thevaram

    Both by Sambandar

    1. Valivalam Thevaram - Pidiyadan Uru Umaikola .......Kadi Ganapathi vara arulilan

    This song tells about the avathar of Ganapati. Both Shiva and Uma took the form of elephants and gave birth to Ganapathi

    2. In Thiruchengottankudi thevaram in song 2, Sambandar mentions the temple as Ganapatheeswaram confirming the sthalapurana of Ganapathi installing and worshipping the lingam at Thiruchengottankudi.
  • dear shankar

    We are talking of references prior and during 6th C
  • Dear All,there is a GANAPATHI in THILATHARPANAPURI[sethilapathi now called, near poonthottam] village with HUMAN FACE!! I would to have yours opnion, thanks.
  • CHANDESWARAR dear Vasu -
    though it is called Aadhivinayagar !!

    regards/ sps

  • Dear all

    Proof of prior to 6th Century

    1. Kalladam's Kadavu Valthu
    2. Pillayarpatti cave and the inscriptions of the cave

    Both are pre 4th Century

    But in the earlier discussions there were discussions on Ganapathi not mentioned in Thevaram and reason stating that it is a different religion etc is not right. Ganapathi is in Thevaram it itself is a proof that he is beeing worshipped for long time. Not a overnight imposition

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