Diamonds of the God
  • Dear Dr.JB aiya/all,

    > huge diamonds which were placed as the eyes of the idol.
    > Both of them were stolen.
    > One of them is said to be the Hope Diamond.
    > The other is supposed to be the Orloff Diamond
    > One of them is known as the 'Brahma's Eye'.

    I was taken aback by this fact. If you look at ranganatha's eye very
    closely today, you can see that they are not in good shape. Infact
    the part looks damaged. If you do a comparison of the idol with any
    other perumal idol - including thirupathi - you can feel the
    difference easily. Infact the mouth portion also looks damaged.
    Probably they filled the gaps with metal after the diamonds were
    looted. What a pity !

    Web sources talk about orloff diamond as the one belonging to sri
    ranganatha - but hope diamond ?? Which one is the "brahma's eye" and
    why it was called so ?? One website says that the french guy looted
    only one diamond - what happened to the other ??

    How many hidden facts !!

    Thanks a lot for bringing this up ! Startling revelation !

    Mikka anbudan
  • Dear Dr Jaybee
    we rae still waiting for the correct answers of Kanthaloor Salai
  • > Is there a movie on Ramanuja?
    > When was it taken?
    > Any CDs, tapes available?

    This is really a very good movie. GV Iyer took 3 movies on three
    religious seers - adi shankara, ramanuja and madhva - produced by
    Subbirami reddi. He also took a very nice film on swami vivekananda
    in which mithun chakraborthy played (lived!) as Sri ramakrishna

    You must see all these movies. Songs are excellent - beyond
    comparison ! But you will hardly find them in CD shops etc in
    Malaysia / singapore. Nore sure about India
    These were shown in doordarshan only once. I have been searching for
    vivekananda VCD for quite a while.
  • Hi
    Sankara is he firs Sanskrit movie produced. G V iyer
    directed it and it was produced by NFDC and GV Iyer.I
    dont remember who produced Ramanuja. This is a Tamil
    movie. Subbirami reddy produced the movie GITA
    directed by GV Iyer.
  • Apart frm the urangavilli episode rightly quoted by Dr.JB aiya,
    there should be more to this.

    I'm not sure about the references to this diamond eyes in
    prabhanthams. Srirangam is the only place sung by all the 12 alwars.
    We need to work on this.

    The french guy takes away only one diamond - as per the websites.
    What happened to the next ?

    How this french guy was able to extract (pluck out !) the diamond ?
    Did he damage the face of the lord ?? It would have been very
    difficult and might have required much more time... cannot happen
    just like that...

    There is more to it that what meets the eye.

    Hope I already wrote about how the old perumal statue was identified
    and accepted in the temple (by an old washerman) - there are now 2
    utsava moorthys in the garbagraha : Azhagiya manavalan (whom we all
    know & worship) and Thiruvaranga maaligaiyar (kept slightly away
    near moovavar's padham)

    Srirangam is a puzzle in many respects.
  • The Hope Diamond also has its origin from India.

    It also is said to have been stolen from an idol.

    See this URL -
  • Dear Dr JB

    yes vwhile i was looking for Orloff I did stumble on a few sites

    As for Periyakoil Saram I think the kal is a single one but beats me how they got it there

    Thank you

  • Dear All,

    When you are comming round(pradakshanam).. in srirangam.. people used to say that there
    are some visible foot steps..

    Iam not sure about this Real/story about the Foot steps of perumal in the "Prakaram" in
    srirangam.. how far this news is true.. any info..!!!Any one seen this..?

    With Luv

    M. Ramanath

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