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  • Dear Gokul,

    Last night Kamal & myself were talking on PS subjects. When I
    purchased certain SI inspecriptions, they suggested discount for bulk
    purchases made for research purposes. May be such travel facilities
    also avl with Railways. There may be other advantages in booking
    conference halls, auditoriums etc. On these lines, we were
    discussing certain options : To enrol membership with any of the
    existing historical research Centres - Like Dr. Rasamanikkanar
    Varalatru Aayvu mayyam.. Or we can have another arm PS Varalatru
    pervai (other options are most welcome;). We also may have an
    Emblem; Letter Head; ID card, renewal membership number etc. This
    may also lead to opening a bank account, cheque / Membership issuing
    Authorities, ad-hoc or e-elected committees etc. I have not seen the
    earlier mails (atleast first 1500).. if anything has flown earlier
    and the idea vetoed, I regret to have brought it now. Other wise, I
    prefer to have a membership / ID. Obviously this also shall include
    the guidelines for new-comers, which you have mentioned.

    Fondly, SB
  • Dear SB

    Thats a very nice thought but would have to be from varalaru
    the veryfact varalaru was created was for serious activities especially involving money to be away from pS site.

    there have been issues about money accounting in the past

  • Dear SB and Gokul
    The link of messages to new comers doesnt want to work..problem with yahoo.

    secondly you cant have pages of opening or introductory message you should have the salient features

    I am in the process of archiving the messages and indexing them and had send a sample but the response was a very few as to whether athing worth doing I am just cursing myself for wasting the whole x mas holidays trying to do that. and feel sorry for suji as well who has spend hours on that

    I am also changing the way the website looks in my own ameturish way because al;l the computer whizkids who were in the process of designing the PS website have taken a holiday.....

    As far as enrolling into existing research instituitions it is an individuals desire....

    Earlier on there was concern about money matters and thats why we decided this group to be with minimal involvement as possible.

    If you want to launch a PS Varalaryu peravai by all means do so ....
    but let us not do it from PS is my humble opinion

    the site PS Varalaru was started with a great fanfare but did not sustain for long these days no one even bothers to post messages there straight into PS may be that can be revived for thses serious activities..

    Thats my opinion
  • Dear SB/all,
    This is quite an interesting idea- but we decided not to bring in
    anything involving money into PS Group. Varalaru is an option - but
    for the moment I think it is best to work with Dr.Kalaikkovan's
    Historic research institute and gain experience.
    We should develop our core strengths and in course of time, the
    peravai (or something like that)will become a necessity rather than
    an option.
    This is my humble opinion.

    Mikka anbudan
  • Dear Sri & Gokul,

    So ... we discussed this topic and leave it at that. ..

    I find it difficult to read Agathiar mails. I installed e-kalappai in
    my system. Any suggestion to me? Fondly, SB
  • Dear Dr.JB aiya,

    > Last time, one of you collected published papers from seminars.

    We had collected the papers of George W spencer but dropped the work
    due to some copyright issues.
    We don't know how many such research works are gaining dust in
    university libraries in tamil nadu. If this can be bought out to all
    scholars around the world, it will be a great contribution.

    > Copy excerpts from old, out-of-print books -
    > Krishnasamy Aiyengar's books like Ancient India, South India and
    > Mohammedan Conquerors. In the latter book, he gives a graphic and
    > detailed description of the routes taken by Vedanta Desikan with
    > golden shrine of Sri Ranganathar.

    This is another problem. Many good books - particularly on history -
    have gone out of print. Unless the author's works are on the public
    domain we may not be able to bring it online.

    By the way, I read that only lord ranganatha's idol was carried -
    never heard about the golden vimana. It is not covered in
    Thiruvarangan Ula. The golden vimana makes lot of sense because lord
    rama gives the idol to vibeeshana with the golden vimana.
    Now there is no golden vimana of a smaller size. The entire
    garbagraha is now covered with gold plating and is
    called "pranavakara vimana" but this could not be the original
    golden vimana given by lord rama. I think it was pandiya king
    Jatavarman sundara pandiyan who laid golden vimana on the garba
    graha - not sure whether it was a renovation or a new layout. There
    is a recent inscription in the temple belonging to 19th cen or so
    talking about some renovations done to golden sheets since they had
    become old.

    > Remember...there is no gain without pain.

    Sure, aiya. We will do our level best in this direction.

    Mikka anbudan

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