[Poetry In Stone|கல்லிலே கலைவண்ணம் கண்டோம்] The moat a
  • Hi Vijay,

    Nice and interesting. You have a sharp eye for details and mysteries.
    Perhaps, during renovation in the 20th century, the sculpture was
    removed and then forgotten. Let us hope it is safe in a museum.

    I have a doubt. Normally, only forts and palaces have moats as a barrier
    against attacks. Why for a temple? Are there other temples with mots? I
    am not aware of any.
  • Dear Vijay,

    very nice photograph and rare one too !!

    thanks for sharing.

    regards/ sps
  • Dear N.S. ,
    You can find the moat [agazhi] in Tiruvasanallur Karkateswarar temple!. this temple is in the midst of paddy fields!tiruvisanallur is very near kumbakonmam.

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