marathi palace in thiru-idai-marudhoor?
  • freinds,
    i often notice an old villa on the north car street of thiru-idai-marudhoor. it is said one marathi king pratap singh lived here. interestingly his name is mentioned in the temple guides also. his wife has donated the famous pavai vilakku in the temple.

    the palace can be seen in a dilapidated state on the mayooram kudanthai highway.

    has anyone seen it? is it true it was the palace of the pratap singh(who was last in the line of marathi kings to hold true power till 1760)
  • Yes Sir, i have also seen.& heard the same story,but the present holder of this palace is kumbakonam Ex-MLA .Mydeen, 
  • >> his wife has donated the famous pavai vilakku in the temple.

    This is not yet another paavai vilakku. There is an extremely tragic story behind the women who gave this to thiruvaaroor temple.

    It is the story of a queen who lost her husband even before marriage but who was faithful to him and his love.

  • WOW. This is cool. Who owns this property now??
  • Dear Member
       I have also seen the palace, went inside and took photographs. Getting inside the palace was a little thrilling experience. The whole palace, big sized pillars(as in Nachiyarkoil), broken windows and faded paintings and the acres of land on the rearside were somewhat unforgettable. There is a big pond with lillies floating surrounded by bushes and trees. Only snakes, insects and birds live there now.
       Pratapsingh was not the last marathi king, I think. He ruled from 1739 to 1763 and had many wives and it is told that this palace was given to one of his lovers who was a dancer. His wife arranged some men and killed the dancer Many stories like this can be heard when asked about this palace. Pratapsingh made the Car of Tiruvidaimarudur is on record.

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