• Dear Dr. Jaybee,

    Your message in 3506 is well received with due respect.

    Re 3507, Kandalur chalai, figures from RR Chola's 3rd Regnl yr
    inscriptions, known interpretations are :

    1. Kandalur chalai is Vizhignam (Sastry) near Trivandrum (Sastri)
    2. Pandarathar opines this may be a food-court ??
    3. Some opine this as Educational Academy (Kalvi chalai)
    4. More opinions are polarised toward calling this place as "Royal
    Naval Academy" where Martial Arts (Nija - Kungofo - kalari .. alike)
    were also taught ..
    5. Fall out of disrespect shown to RR's Ambassodor at Udagai (not

    Personally I have a theory to putforward:

    Udayarkudi inscriptions mention the names of Chera (Warriors)Brahmins
    who were responsible for AK's assassination and they were "Drohins" -
    not enemies..Ravidasan.. Parameswaran & Co., who were BRAHMADIRAYARs
    under UTHAMA'S RULE...
    Kalki maintains that it was Pandya's assassin group which plotted the
    murder of AK..having Chera names .... That is why he leaves the
    execution part to anybody's guess...
    If Chera's played a role, there should be reason ..

    RR sets his priorities like this: Find & eradicate the reasons ..

    1.In 2nd Regnl Yr: Informs Veeranarayana Chaturvedi Mangaluthu Grama
    Sabaiyor that the lands of the Drohin's confiscated, auctioned and
    realisations utilised for Avaneeswarar temple & siva brahmana bojanam
    etc.,, (Udayarkudi):: Identifies Charas as Drohins .. about Pandya's
    there is no mention in Udayarkudi ..

    2. In 3rd Regnl Yr RR Destroys Kalndalur chalai Martial art academy..

    Dr. Kudavoil Balu says confiscation of lands took place during
    Uthama's period, but was pronounced in RR's period .. Sastri is clear
    that Uthama character is clouded. Sethuraman agrees with the
    interpretations but exonorate Uthama because "Semibiyan Madeviar
    Thiruvayiru Udhitha Uthama Chozhar" scribes RR...

    I am inclined more towards Sastri...

    Dr. jaybee, eagerly we all are awaiting your views,

    Respectfully, SB
  • Dear RRC,

    Thank you for your letter. Noted the contents.

    What I was having in mind, is to make our enterprising young
    minds to think in various planes and levels.

    We come across books like "Art of War' by Sun Tzu and his
    predecessor, Sun Pin.

    These books are now being used for management procedures.

    There is even a book called 'Leadership Qualities of Attilla the
    This is also another management book.

    Let us see the historical war as an enterprise and the war lords as
    Let us see the war strategies as organisational and project
    management strategies.

    There is not much graphical descriptions about wars and the carrying
    out of wars, among the Tamils.

    The wars described in 'MahaVamsa' chronicles about Commandant
    Lankapura's invasion of Pandyanaadu, contain clashes that took place
    in various parts. Not much details.

    Sandilyan has made use of this theme in his 'Kannimaadam'. But
    almost all of it is very very fictitious.

    But the other foreigners have written graphically about
    their wars.

    Arrian's description of the Battle of Hydaspes, gives us details
    about the movements, manoevours, and strategies of Alexander's
    army and how Porus was defeated.

    We have descriptions about the Battle of Tarain - between
    PrithviRaj Chauhan and Mohammed of Ghur.

    Talikot and the Panipat Battles also.

    But what about the wars and battles of Rajaraja and his dynasty.

    Starting right from Vijayalaya, there had been wars every generation
    except for the period of Anabhaaya Kuloththungga II.

    But there is one thing...

    planning that would have been used.

    You can reconstitue the personalities, leadership qualities,
    strategies of RajaRaja, Rajendra, etc.

    Thusway, the historical figures are not merely ghosts and
    shadowy figures shrouded in the mists of obscurity.

    They jump out with life.

    That is why I proposed one of the battles of Rajaraja.

    Can some of you work on the war planning, strategies,
    logistics, and the implementing of the war?

    That would be a useful entrepreunership training:-)
  • Dear Dr. Jaybee,

    It is a very interesting excercise you have put us on to.

    Tamil Writer Balakumaran has written a monthly Novel by name KADIGAI
    based on Kandalur Chaalai war. I am sure our other members will take
    up lead.

    In group discussions we used to mention: Let us move from MGR -
    Sivaji - Rajani - Kamal Rasigar mandrams to RR Chola - Rajamallan -
    Sundara pandya - Baskara Ravi Fan Clubs....

    Though these mails appear to be individual ones, they are reflecting
    collective feelings of our members.. of course individual rights are
    never ivaded ..

    In 1967 Hindi Agitation ... that's when you were in Madurai Medical
    College, is it?

    Though the schools were closed, still I, as a kid, shivered at the
    very sight of "Irumbu Thoppi Police" (Reserve Police) in my remote
    village near Trichy.. Those who were in Power at that point of time
    are yet to see the day light .. That single thing paved way for
    ascendency of Dravidian Rule in TN.. which has seen more than one
    generation (30 yrs)... Believe it, inspite of having very good
    contacts in Hindi belt / business - working class, I am yet to learn
    to read or speak Hindi ... Listening to Hindi Film songs and seeing a
    movie once a while is an exception .. You reminded me of those days..!

    We take this opportunity to pray for your continued support ...

    Pongal Greetings,

    Respectfully, SB
  • Dear Dr. Jaybee,

    Forgot. When you wrote of a civilisation under the seas and asked us
    to comment on K.Chaalai, I suddenly thought you found the same ...

    Enlighten us if it is so...

    Fondly, SB
  • Dear SB sir,

    I have a doubt.

    Re 3507, Kandalur chalai, figures from RR Chola's 3rd Regnl yr
    inscriptions, known interpretations are :

    2. Pandarathar opines this may be a food-court ??

    Why can't the Kandalur chalai be a food-court as Pandarathar opines?

    Chalai can be taken in the meaning of Unavu chaalai. Kalam can mean to the
    unit for measuring rice and grains. Aruthu means yielding and Aruli stands
    for donating.

    There might be some huge 'Panjam' or flood in chera nadu and due to that the
    people might be starving. There were rare possibility of having panjam in
    chera nadu but there were chances for flood. Rajaraja might have donated big
    amount of rice and grains to save the people. Pagaivanukkum aruludhal oru
    uyarndha panbu. The gesture of donating even to enemy countries
    differentiates Rajaraja from other kings. He would have been very proud of
    this noble gesture. So, he added to his mei-keerthi. It might have been
    documented in some inscriptions of Kandalur which is not visible now.

    The phrase 'Aruli' perfectly fits here.

    Why should he add the notes of donations in his mei-keerthi? I don't know
    whether there is any restriction that the mei-keerthi can contain only the
    victories of a king. Rajaraja might have wanted to have his mei-keerthi in
    the order of i. God's blessing, ii. Donations for noble cause and iii.
    Victories. So, 'Thirumagal pola...' at first, 'Kandalur chaalai...' next and
    'Ganga paadiyum venga naadum...' in the last.

    I haven't read the book of Pandarathar and i don't know how he justifies his
    view. My opinion is that this may also be possible and due to some unclear
    shadows, we are unable to stick to a single theory.
  • Dear Jaybee sir,

    Here is my assumption of planning the Kandalur chaalai war.
  • Does this 24 hour represent the time from the start to finish of the war or
    the time from the event of disrespect of the ambassador to the destruction
    of kandhaluar Salai?

    Are any details on the strength of Chera forces in Kandhalur Salai

    If the chera numbers were big, mobilising an army and defeating them within
    24 hours seems to be a big task.
  • Dear JB Sir,

    I have read a novel named "Kandhalur Salai" itself during my schooling. I
    read that even before I read PS. That time I was not that inclined towards
    historical novels, so I may not be able to give a clear picture.

    sure whether it was the current Udagai) and it was described as a hilly
    area and the messenger was imprisoned at the top of the hill so that no one
    could reach him. The path to the top was like a maze and a person would be
    lost easily, if he tried also.

    Regarding the war, it was described like, the trees in the shore side were
    bent and tied to the ground along with some theeppantham/neruppu pori.
    At the unexpected time, the theeppandhams were lit and the ropes that tied
    the tree to the nails in ground were cut. That time, the bent trees swang
    towards the ships in the sea and the "fire" in the tip of the tree were
    fired in full force and hit the ships.. Like this, kandhalur salai naval
    base was destroyed.

    Like Mansur Alikhan killing Sarath Kumar in Captain Prabhakatan by tying him
    with the bamboo tree and cutting the ropes.

    I believe the above funda would have been followed for destrying the naval
  • Dear,

    Dr.Sri, Dr. Jaybee & Gokul have discussed Kanthalur chalai extensively
    about a year back. fondly, sps

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