khuswant singh by Muruganadam
  • Hi All
    I was lucky today

    got perhaps the first copy of the book and find myself thanked in the foreword of the author.

    thanks Muruganandam.

    a complete book on all aspects of a living writer. i hope you send a copy to the great man himself.
    i feel very elated because he was my greatest inspiration to become a historical writer
    all members please check out Vikadan prasurams 'KHUSWANT SINGH' by
    B.Muruganandam. one of our senior members.

  • Dear SPS

    i propose we organise a reading session where the author would read out to the gathering a select section of his new book

    say one suitable weekend we could have Muruganandam read to us what he considers the best part of his book( and of course sponsor the sundal)


  • How about May 1st dear Venkat ?

    regards / sps
  • Yes SPS

    May First friday is a holiday.

    i propose we have a meeting in Marina 5. pm to greet Muruganandam on his new book- a biography of Khuswant singh published by Vikadan.
    i also expect he would read out a few paragraphs from his book.

    if this event falls into place we could have a series of meetings (having so many writers in the group) whenever a book is launched.

  • Congrats Muruganadam.

    If the meet is planned on May 1st, I am gonna miss it. Where can I get the
    book? Venkat Sir, can you get a copy for me,
    I will get it from you.
  • Enakku ennavo Thiruppachchi padaththula Vijay-oda thalaiya pali beedaththula vechchirukkara kaatchi thaan manasula oduthu.

  • enakkum adhE gnyabagamthaan vandhadhu. But you can do it Muruganandam. I have read your Feroze Gandhi. It was so eloquent in style. So, indha adakkamaaa irukkara udhaarellaam vittuttu, engalukku oru nalla introduction kuduppa!! I will be there as well on May 1st, for sure.
  • Sorrypa Smiley Miss pannittEn!! Ippo PottuttEn
  • venkattoda aruva maalaya vizhum..
    kavalaipaadathe sagothara !

  • Today, Ananda Vikatan issue contains the ad about book on Kushwant Singh.

    Books are also available:

    1) Colors for Next Generation
        10, Bazaar Street, Saidapet, Ch-15,  ph:  9840058757

    2) Sabari Book House and Stationeries
        42, C.P.Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet, Ch-18  Ph:  42128356, 32961299

    3) 15, Chinnaiah street,  (Opp to Kamaraj Memorial House in Thirumalaippillai road)
        T.Nagar, Chennai - 17,  ph:  93803 57346


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